Take Advantage of the Free Data Highlighter Tool in 2013!

by | Feb 19, 2013 | Client News

This is not a squeaky new piece of information but we here at Get The Clicks like to inform you on everything pertaining to Orlando SEO, and this blog might help many of your websites. Google released a wonderful tool called the WYSIWYG (Data Highlighter) tool back in December which allowed website owners (even those with barely any html knowledge) to mark up their website so Google can read it more efficiently!

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it is true and the tool allows you to mark up the html of your website without having to go into the actual html files like traditionally done in previous years. The way it works is that it is a browser based point-and-click tool that makes it possible for website owners to add the structured markup onto their website.

What is structured markup? Well, in short it is the “label” you give to a particular set of content on a webpage that helps search engines know what your page is about easily. For example, if you have a website page on a baseball event occurring October 2nd you may add structured markup to tell the search engines the author of the content, the date, and location, which will pop up in search.

The only drawback of using the data highlighter tool is that it is only available for English websites and only for event calendar markup. Google plans to add more options in the near future but feel free to utilize this tool in your webmaster tools account in the meant time for any upcoming company events.

The tool is very smart in that Google says that after manually tagging 5-10 pages the sophisticated software will have a very good idea about your website content and will be able to do the rest automatically!

We cannot wait to see all the additions in the next few months from Google, and we hope you take a few minute one afternoon to explore this in your Google Webmaster tools account as this will help the crawling and organization of your site for search engines, which as we all know will lead to very positive outcomes. Get The Clicks hopes you have a great day with these Orlando Blog tips and let us know if you have any questions or comments below!

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