Leveraging AI to make our clients more successful.

AI, the latest buzz word.
Seems like last year it was Crypto and now it’s AI.
Can anyone keep up?

Our Commitment to You

We will work tirelessly to deliver the best digital strategy for your business or your money back. We understand you are placing your trust in us and we intend to deliver.

Fortunately for you, it is our job to stay on top of the latest trends to assure our clients are well served.
With that in mind, we wanted to share how we are already leveraging AI to your benefit.
Below is a list of types of AI and how we are beginning to utilize some of their capabilities.

Marketing Strategy
Advancements in AI and machine learning have brought about a significant transformation in digital marketing strategies today. With AI-powered data analysis and insights driven by machine learning algorithms, we can make informed decisions by analyzing vast amounts of data from various sources such as customer behavior, market trends, and campaign outcomes.

The integration of machine learning enables our marketing experts to create personalized marketing campaigns, targeting specific customer segments based on demographics, behaviors, and preferences. Furthermore, the predictive analytics and forecasting capabilities of AI and machine learning allow us to anticipate your customers’ needs, forecast campaign performance, and adapt our marketing strategies accordingly. By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, we can optimize our digital marketing efforts and achieve better and more effective outcomes.

Search Engine Optimization
Incorporating AI in SEO strategies is an emerging field with the main aim of improving a website’s organic performance. With AI-powered SEO, we help website owners analyze their website’s performance and create effective solutions to areas that need improvement. AI tools mean that we can boost the effectiveness of our keyword research processes, uncover better ways to optimize content as well as understand user intent to enhance user engagement. In an era where we have unprecedented access to a vast array of AI-driven data, our SEO experts can tap into invaluable insights and adapt our strategies in a highly informed manner.

Through harnessing the power of AI and machine learning in our SEO services, we help businesses to stand out effectively in their industries, elevate their online presence, and attain better search rankings in search engine results pages, giving them a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Web Design
Thanks to advancements in technology, we have the opportunity to embrace a highly innovative approach that integrates artificial intelligence into web design, resulting in visually appealing and highly functional websites. Through the utilization of AI-powered web design tools, our designers can automate repetitive tasks, including image cropping and layout design, allowing them to allocate more time and effort towards crafting engaging user experiences. This harmonious collaboration between human creativity and AI-driven automation is what sets the stage for exceptional web design outcomes for our clients.

Harnessing the power of AI, we can even delve into intricate user behavior patterns and current industry patterns. Through this analysis, AI generates highly personalized design recommendations, allowing us to optimize user experiences and create truly tailored design solutions. By understanding how users interact with interfaces, we can craft intuitive designs that resonate with their needs and preferences, leading to enhanced user engagement. The integration of AI empowers us to deliver remarkable user experiences that leave a lasting impact, and we are excited to leverage the power of AI to elevate our processes.

Google Ads Campaign
Our Google Ads campaign service leverages artificial intelligence to optimize ad campaigns and improve their performance. By utilizing AI-driven technology in Google Ads, we offer business owners the ability to streamline the creation and management of their ad campaigns, thereby freeing up their time and resources to enable them to concentrate on other crucial aspects of their business. It’s crucial to note that AI algorithms can analyze large amounts of data, such as user behavior and ad performance, to make real-time adjustments to ad campaigns. This technology can also customize ad content and targeting to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.

More importantly, by leveraging the capabilities of AI, we can assist businesses with reducing their advertising costs and increasing their return on investment (ROI), which is achieved by identifying the most effective ad placements and implementing efficient bidding strategies. Overall, our service helps business owners create targeted, high-performing ad campaigns that drive more traffic, leads, and sales to their websites.

Incorporating AI into your digital marketing strategy can be a complex process, but it is essential for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition and drive revenue growth. By identifying opportunities for AI, choosing the right AI tools, and implementing those tools effectively, our digital marketing team is here to help businesses enhance their marketing performance to generate more leads and sales.

Types of AI

Machine Learning

Neural Networking

Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing

Predictive Analysis

Generative AI

Large Language Models
What it Does

Adding information into databases that are used by algorithms. This is used to refine information over time.

It learns through trial and error. This is similar to a human brain.

Analyzes layers of neural networks that look at large data sets.

This type of AI works to understand and generate speech and text

This type of AI uses historical data to try and predict future outcomes.

Creates images or text from simple inputs

Extremely large data networks being trained on massive amounts of information
How We are Starting to Leverage It

Example: Behavior Attribution. We are using this in our traffic analyses of websites. It shows the types of interactions we see before a potential customer purchases a product or service.

Example: Facial Recognition. We are not using it yet, but we are beginning to look at partners who can help facial recognition in brick and mortar stores to identify repeat customers.

Example: Market Forecasting. This is growing by leaps and bounds. For example, Google is feeding information into the paid ads systems to learn more about customer purchasing behavior. We are then able to see which behaviors yield the best results.

Example: Sentiment Analysis. This type of AI seems to be up and coming specifically in Social Media. It can help analyze sentiment across the social media spectrum.

Example: Trend Analyses. This type of AI will help us predict future trends and therefore capitalize on marketing opportunities.

Example: Images being created through descriptions. Using a specific AI tools will enable us to create images on the fly with a simple input. The uses in graphic design are endless.

Example: Content being created through user prompts. Using specific AI tools to create well-researched content.
As an agency that prides itself on being at the forefront of marketing technology, we are working hard to keep up with the latest changes in the industry. Much is still to be learned. The evolution has just begun. Much like SEO and Ads in the early 2000s, the businesses who will embrace this fundamental shift in marketing and sales are going to be the ones who will benefit the most.

Keep in mind this is a fast-evolving industry and much is still to be learned. We have large-cap organizations like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, etc all vying for a piece of the pie.

One thing is certain:
Things are going to change dramatically in the coming years.
Is your agency ready?

We will work tirelessly to deliver the best digital strategy for your business or your money back. We understand you are placing your trust in us and we intend to deliver.