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Are Email Campaigns Still Useful?

Email marketing campaigns not only still work, but when they’re done right, you have a very effective marketing avenue at your fingertips. You want to build strong connections with your leads and customers. That’s what our email marketing service is all about.
With various email marketing companies in the industry, how do you know which email marketing agency to work with? Do you really need to engage in professional email marketing services?

What is Email Marketing?

Gone are the days of receiving news of flash sales via traditional snail mail. With the march towards digitalization, time is of the essence when it comes to advertising and marketing. Email marketing for companies is an essential weapon when it comes to completing the customer experience.

How many times have you opened an email due to a catchy subject line that successfully piqued your interest? That is the power of email marketing done right.

Email marketing is equally beneficial to existing consumers as well as potential clients. It gives them the chance to revisit and discover the brands, without the distraction of other content. Everything can be done on their own time.

Email Marketing Concepts

The email campaign process is more than just sending bland emails to remind consumers of your brand and offerings. Not only can you share promotional news, answer frequent queries, spotlight good deals amongst others, but the process will also play a role in optimizing your business practices.

It is not always about the products either. Email marketing can encompass appropriate updates about brands concerning other areas. Developments like a brand new company structure may garner interest from concerned consumers while addressing timely and essential current issues can serve to humanize your brand in the eyes of your client.

Adding value via informational content will also reduce the chances of your meticulously crafted messages being sent straight to the trash. Going beyond what your products offer at face value is a step appreciated by most consumers. Valuing your customers will, in turn, make them value you.

Essentially, a company is able to prosper when it has a solid base of loyal customers. Building that loyalty will take some effort and email marketing can be an integral part of that. It allows for that personal touch not usually found anywhere else in the digital space.

Tailoring your messaging and services to specific demographics can lead to more engagement and conversions for your brand. Exclusive deals, unique referral codes, and even a simple birthday greeting will allow your customers to feel like the VIP they are. Think concierge services, but in the form of a bespoke message made especially for you.

Email marketing does not work its magic in insolation either. Working in tandem with other forms of marketing, such as social media campaigns, paid ads, or even offline media, it can further enhance the effects of the whole marketing machine.

Rather than worry if your ads are actually reaching an interested audience, consumers residing within your email database are likely to be quality leads waiting to be converted. Email marketing also ensures that they do not miss any important content that they could have missed on social and offline media, by reminding them of your upcoming promotions.

Leverage Email Marketing To Your Advantage

By continuously building up an exhaustive list of interested consumers, adding value with the right mix of engaging content, sticking to a prompt and scheduled cadence, and delivering an optimized experience on both conventional and mobile platforms, you will be all sure to reap the benefits. It is time to take full advantage of what email marketing can offer.

Benefits of Email Marketing

When communicating and reaching out to your clients and potential leads, email marketing is a great way to get in touch. Here are some benefits of email marketing:

  • Run effective email campaigns so you can successfully turn those leads into sales.
  • Increase your leads through lead generation strategies
  • Increase the number of people purchasing your product or service
  • Lead to more referrals for your company
  • Getting in front of your customers during different seasons

1. Creating targeted and personalized content

With email marketing, you can have a list of different customers and customize an email campaign and create personalized content for them. Personalization includes a contact’s name in the email, crafting a perfect subject line or even images personalized to your customers’ needs.

You can adjust your messaging in your email campaign for different customers and drive engagement from your email list. This is important when you’re trying to build a strong foundation of trust and create a bond with your customers.

3. Low costs

Email marketing is a bit cheaper compared to other marketing channels which can be quite expensive. You don’t have to pay huge fees or incur print or postage costs to market yourself as compared to billboards, for example. You will most likely use email marketing software for marketing automation and tracking your emails. This often involves fees but they are nowhere close to the exorbitant fees of traditional TV or radio ads.

5. Less time consumption

Small businesses and start-ups don’t have the luxury of spending millions on advertisements. Email marketing increases your chances of connecting with your current customers on a personal level as well as reach out to potential clients. With a well-designed email marketing campaign, you can efficiently use your time.

7. Increase sales

When crafted well to suit your customers’ needs, an email campaign is capable of generating a huge number of sales. The right email marketing strategy can convert into sales by enticing a customer to make a purchase. You can entice your customers in your email list by:

  1. Creating a personalized email to a customer who has already made a previous purchase
  2. Featuring items related to the customers’ past shopping experience
  3. Include an offer or discount for purchases

9. Build excitement

Whether you’re just checking up on your existing customers or looking to get more customers, sending out some freebies via email marketing can boost your business. Use emails to notify your customers of an upcoming product launch or reward them by sending offers and discount codes.

Appreciate them for being loyal customers and you’ll definitely leave a mark. Even for a small business, you can still give a few free stuff to your loyal customers as a way of encouraging them. It’s not only a nice gesture but a great way to accelerate your marketing goals.

2. Generate traffic to your website

With your email list, you can guide your customers to visit the website by including relevant links in the email body that go straight to your site. You can also use the same email marketing strategy to drive your customers to other great pieces of content. This is effective especially when you are trying to reach out and connect with potential leads that have not revisited the website. To promote your content across social channels, including some relevant social sharing buttons in your email.

4. Establish authority and provide value

All business owners have one goal. To provide value enough to gain credibility as the best in what they do. To do this, you need to gain authority and trust from your customers. Customers can only sign up for your marketing newsletters when they love the services you provide and more of them. This means that you need to keep them engaged and you can use email marketing to share your content.

With a well-set email marketing campaign and marketing strategy, you can acquire loyal customers and provide value by sharing resources and content to contacts who love your services.

Know what your readers love and tailor your email marketing content to interest them. You will avoid your email ending up in the spam folder and you’ll be able to truly connect and engage your audience.

6. Easy to track and measure

Using email marketing software, you can track your emails and check the click-through and conversion rates. From checking how frequently your customers open and read your emails, these email marketing metrics will show you what works and what doesn’t.

An email with a good open rate shows that your customers are engaging with the content you provide. The click-through-rate (CTR) will tell you how many customers read through your email content and clicked on the links. With this information, you can figure out which changes need to be made to improve your email marketing campaign.

8. Long-lasting customer relationships

Every customer loves it when they feel appreciated. By drafting a good email, you can inform them about the services you provide that will benefit them. Rather than using a phone, an email marketing campaign is cheaper and easier to convey a message. Helpful information on products and relevant tips shared via email can be great at creating a stronger bond between you and your customers.

Why Hire a Professional Email Marketing Agency?

Although email marketing may appear simplistic at first glance, there are a lot of factors that go into a successful email marketing campaign. Considering the time and resource drain it can be, entrusting the process to a professional email marketing agency will free you up for other important aspects of the business.

Ignoring email marketing is a mistake not many businesses can get away with. Digital marketing agencies help to make the most of your existing email marketing efforts.

Professional Touch

As your business grows, your needs will start to change. Managing a small database of customers, worrying about email deliverability or email list management pale in comparison when you are looking at hundreds and thousands of interested consumers.

If you have been handling all on your own, things will inevitably get tougher.

An email marketing agency like ours is built to handle such loads and more, plus, you can be assured of great design and content that is sure to make the most significant impact. You will also have a proper team to manage everything for you, ranging from gathering interested sign-ups, scheduled EDMs, subscriber management, to the security of your client information.

It would also allow you to tap on the latest tools and features that exist within the marketing space not only for your designs, content, format but also the most optimized ways for your content to reach the intended audience effectively and efficiently.

Making Numbers Count

Partnering with an email marketing agency can make your investment go further, especially if you have been suffering from less than ideal results from your email marketing efforts. Trying to get a return on investment is never easy, more so when you are not exactly trained in the ways of email marketing.

It can take an inordinate amount of time to perfect the art of email marketing, and that time can be better spent on other areas of the business. The sheer number of factors to consider for every email blast is enough to overwhelm any business owner. This is where an email marketing agency can really help. Working with the top email marketing agencies can be the key to turning the tide.

An email marketing agency has a toolbox full of ideas and innovations for you to tap on. You will be able to maximize your gain in the most cost-effective manner by using an email marketing agency. Stop wasting time and money on trying to get up to speed, or worse, on an employee that can be better utilized elsewhere.

Trust in an email marketing agency that will go the distance with you, and enhance the customer experience. Make your time, effort, and investments count and let us get the results you deserve today.

Why Choose Us for Email Marketing Service?

Businesses, both big and small, can always do with a little more help, especially with their email marketing strategies. Instead of worrying about the details, let an email marketing company take the reins with your company’s lead generation and email list management.

Here is why you can trust us as your preferred email marketing firm:

Experts In Our Field

There is no denying it. Our email marketing firm lives and breathes email marketing. It is an important part of our digital marketing strategy to get you the results you want. Top email marketing service, proficient processes, specialized advice, and a team ready to support you from start to finish. All you need to do is reach out.


Working with us requires little effort on your end. There are no complicated processes or technical difficulties to go through. All you need to do is provide the right information and access, and we will take it from there. On the rare occasions when there are hiccups, we will be right in the trenches taking care of problems with your team. Our managed email marketing service will free up your time and focus for what matters.

Uniquely Yours

We pride ourselves as experts on delivering quality work that is made specially just for your brand. Our designers have the expertise and critical eye for creating eye-catching email templates that would grab the right attention with high impact. Your investment will be well worth it.

Bespoke Solutions

We understand that everyone has different concerns, which is why we do not keep ourselves confined to a box. No matter your situation, we have the right solution that will fit your budget, without sacrificing the quality you would expect from a trusted email marketing agency.


We may be a business, but we recognize the critical fact that it is the people that make things work. The same goes for you and your customers. Valuing them is what we do, and our service will reflect that. By putting people first and focusing on the human touch, everything else falls into place.


Forget about the complexities of dealing with multiple parties at one time just to get your marketing done. We have all the talented employees needed to bring you results in our email marketing agency. There’s no need for outsourcing or worrying about subpar work. You can always depend on us to have your back.


Having an immense amount of data can be both a blessing as well as a headache. Let the experts handle the heavy load and help you understand just what the numbers are saying. Our experience over the years has given us unique insights that might offer you the boost you have been looking for, and we continue to hone our approach for every marginal gain we can get.

Optimized For Success

It is not just data that drives our approach. As experts, we are committed to making things work no matter where your customers are. Our marketing agency solutions are designed to work flawlessly on numerous platforms, ensuring that your message is delivered without compromise to all that matter.

International Perspectives

It does not matter where your business happens to be. As an expert digital agency, we bring a wealth of knowledge obtained from all over the world to help you reach your goal. Best practices distinctively altered to fit you and the local context; this is our promise of giving you the best of both worlds.


After utilizing many resources to obtain a customer, you don’t want to just disappear off the radar, do you? Constantly interacting and engaging with your customer over time will nurture a strong relationship. Your business will continue to be at the forefront of your customer’s mind should they require your products and services again. You will also encourage them to refer family and friends to your business. All these can be done through effective email marketing campaigns.

Our Email Marketing Services will take care of your email campaigns from start to finish. We help you to build your opt-in list, write engaging and effective emails with professional copywriting skills, and send the emails out in well-designed layouts. We are a digital marketing firm that uses advanced analytics tracking and reporting to make sure that we are reaching the most number of people. Analyzing the campaigns for their effectiveness and split-testing variables like subject titles and more.

Our full-service digital marketing agency can also help grow your business with other digital marketing services such as social media marketing, content marketing, local SEO (search engine optimization), search engine marketing, website design and development, and more.

Just call us to get started and we’ll be more than happy to help your email campaign reach more people.

Complementing Services

If you’re interested in any of these services, just let us know. We can help you come up with a marketing budget for these services that will work for you or your business, and we will even manage it for you.

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