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Refresh the look of your brand website with style!

Our Commitment to You

We will work tirelessly to deliver the best digital strategy for your business or your money back. We understand you are placing your trust in us and we intend to deliver.

Since being founded originally as a web development company over two decades ago, we have stayed at the forefront of design trends to make sure all websites we build meet the standards that your customers are seeking.

Building or rebuilding a website gives the foundation for any other online marketing efforts that you may have. Customers will either land on your site first, or find it through other means, and when they do, the consistent messaging and design ideals will help seal the deal.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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    September 15, 2020
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    I don't usually post Google reviews, but this time I had to! Thank you so much to Get The Clicks for not only a better website, but for the support!

    Johnna Hauck Avatar Johnna Hauck
    September 15, 2018

We will build a beautiful website for your business, whether a blog, shopping cart, or service
business, to attract new and returning customers and increase your bottom line.

What our Website Development Service Includes:

Project Intake
Our team will meet with you to discuss your ultimate website goals, be it a new website or rebuild. From design expectations, competitor research, content and media, and any additional integration, nothing is off the table.
In the initial stages, we will work with you to create a page wireframe for the site. If your site is pre existing, we will look through it to ensure that the structure is sound and that the URL architecture is user-friendly. With a wireframe in hand, it makes it easier to understand the flow of your site, and how users will interact with it.
Three Revisions
After our initial planning, our designers get to work on creating your new look. Once we have all of the content and media to accompany the site build, we can style the pages according to your wants and expectations. Once our developers have finalized a first version, you receive the site for full review and revision. We have three rounds of revisions to hone in and make the site everything you want it to be.
Website Frameworks
We build most websites on a WordPress framework with themes that are modifiable to fit any design expectations. If your website needs are a different platform, we will discuss with you to see how best to meet those requirements.
eCommerce Options
For any eCommerce website, the needs are different than a standard service provider. Your website will need shopping cart integrations, shipping calculations, and more. We work with most shopping cart frameworks including WooCommerce (for WordPress), Shopify, and more.

Why Choose Us

Extensive Experience – As stated, Get The Clicks’ origins are in website development, and since 2002 we’ve built over 1,100 websites for businesses in sectors all over the world. That number continues to grow!

Marketing Prowess – We aren’t just website developers. With our experience in digital marketing options as a whole, we will come to you with marketing in mind, and help deliver a website that won’t just look nice, but will perform the job and deliver leads.

Your Opinion Matters – We don’t just build websites that fit a particular mold, we make sure that the website is truly your dream. We may have recommendations per the marketing history we have, but at the end of the day, it’s your website and should look as you want.

No Strings Attached – By building through commonly found website frameworks, you can rest easy that your website can be updated and used by anyone with access, not just the company who built it. Nobody else should solely hold the keys to your website and any updates you would make.

Meet the Website Development Team

Our website development team is managed by Neil Belliveau and Matt Fenoff, who have over 30 years combined experience in building websites. Together they have helped bring thousands of fresh new looks to businesses throughout the United States, across many different industries.

Neil and Matt work closely with Sharan Kumar, who has been with the team since 2016, and has developed many beautiful websites for clients. He has experience as a graphic designer, and carries that thought process into his website work.

Reach out to us today and see how our team can help make your website dreams come true!

We will work tirelessly to deliver the best digital strategy for your business or your money back. We understand you are placing your trust in us and we intend to deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average turnaround time for a website build?
Due to the potential complexity of the build, the amount of content or imagery which is used, and the number of pages you may have, the timeframe can vary. Generally, a simple website should be around 30-60 days for a first version, with more time added if more complexity
Does Get The Clicks provide pictures?
Generally, a website should have unique media for your specific business, but in the event that you do not have your own library of material, Get The Clicks will recommend a couple options of places where you can purchase stock photography.
Will Get The Clicks write content for my business?
Because of our experience with digital marketing, the writing team at Get The Clicks is well-equipped to write content. It is not part of the website development process itself, but can be purchased separately.
Does Get The Clicks host my website after building?
We do not host websites on our own servers, but will happily recommend server options for you, should your existing host not be feasible. In the event that you are on a payment plan with Get The Clicks, we will host the website until the final payment, and can assist in the transition after.
If future changes are needed after the build, can Get The Clicks help?
Absolutely! If, after the project is finished, you need additional work done to the website, we can do so on a retainer basis. We are always willing to help businesses of any kind with site modifications.

We will work tirelessly to deliver the best digital strategy for your business or your money back. We understand you are placing your trust in us and we intend to deliver.