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If you care about driving more leads to your business, you have come to the right place. Most businesses need more than just a well performing website to drive results. Our Orlando Digital Marketing Agency has top notch designers that will build you an amazing custom website. Along with building a functional WordPress website designed for targeted advertising we help determine which Digital Marketing Services will provide peak performance to your website and ultimately your business.

We pride ourselves on delivering top notch customer service while producing results from goals you have set for your business. If you join our team, you will be with one of the top rated and nationally recognized Orlando Digital Marketing Agencies. If you are ready to make a difference in your business, our Orlando digital marketing agency will be here to help you do it.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization—SEO

SEO is an irreplaceable part of any digital marketing campaign—it drives traffic to your website by increasing your rankings on search engines. SEO isn’t just about keywords though. It’s about how content is organized and how the actual navigation and data is structured, which is what we’re experts in.

Web Design and Development

The right website design will help your SEO and amplify your business, of course, but the right web development will also convince people to stick around. People won’t stay on an amateur-looking website. That’s where we come in to ensure your web design looks professional, on-brand, easy to read, and attractive.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is everywhere nowadays, and it’s a game changer in terms of digital marketing. Our digital marketing team works with social media to help you manage the many options that are out there, and to generate a sound marketing strategy, depending on which platform will work best for your business.

Content Writing

A good website is all about high quality content that shows up in search engines, gets your website found, and keeps people engaged. Our content team knows how to write the type of content that will connect with your readers. We will plan out your content marketing strategy and ensure all content is well written to tell the story of your brand and enhance brand awareness.


With PPC ads, you can get a consistent flow of paid traffic to your website and business. Our digital agency team will strategize, craft and manage your ads so that we can get you quicker and more precise results with your PPC campaigns.

Conversion Optimization

Our Orlando digital marketing agency experts know a lot about converting visitors into buyers, which is exactly what your website needs. We’ll work to make your website as good as possible, with the best optimization for the best return.

What We Do

As an Orlando digital marketing agency, we help you grow your business by:


Redesigning or designing your website in a way that makes it professional, easy to navigate, and more likely to keep your customers coming back.

Helping to increase conversion rate – in terms of pay-per-click and conversion rate optimization, we know how to get buyers to stay on your website, and how to make your website really pay off.
Creating high quality and relevant content to usher your audience through the sales journey.
Creating high quality and relevant content to usher your audience through the sales journey.
Implementing proven marketing techniques for the best results, with an customized emphasis on your target audience’s interests and behaviors.
Drawing on our vast experience and great results in the digital marketing industry, from working with tons of businesses over the years.
Creating SEO strategies, which will get your page up there in the search results and maintain a consistent flow of organic traffic.
Developing specific digital marketing campaigns made to help grow brand awareness even further, and to drive website traffic.
Creating high quality and relevant content to usher your audience through the sales journey.
Implementing proven marketing techniques for the best results, with an customized emphasis on your target audience’s interests and behaviors.
Implementing proven marketing techniques for the best results, with an customized emphasis on your target audience’s interests and behaviors.
Consistently monitoring all of your plans and strategies so that we can provide you with the best results, all while analyzing the impact of your current strategies.

Customer Engagement

The customer journey is a long one, but it’s important to pay attention to it. You need an Orlando digital marketing agency who knows where your customer is headed, what they see when they’re on your website, and how they even found your website in the first place.

Our digital marketing agency based in Orlando can help contact your customers through email marketing, social media, or search engines, keep your customers engaged with a good website design, and follow up with them to encourage loyalty after their purchase.

The Right Audience

It’s easy to find the right audience if you know where to look—and if you have digital marketing services to help you. The online tools and knowledge that our Orlando digital marketing agency has will allow you to better reach more people with the related ads and create positive online behaviors to make the shopping experience easier.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Services For Your Company

The internet is constantly evolving, with constant requirements for social media, SEO and digital marketing that might make your head spin.

That’s where an Orlando digital marketing agency can come in handy. If you want to keep up with the current digital marketing strategies, we know just the right strategies.

Customer Loyalty

With frequent communication to check up on your customers or potential customers, those people are going to be more likely to come back. It takes time and effort to establish this kind of loyalty, but it’s worth it when you get continual returning sales. With email marketing and social media engagement, it’s more possible than ever to earn more loyalty.

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Our sales office is conveniently located in downtown Orlando in the Angebilt Building at the corner of Orange Ave and Wall St. Close access points to our office are Colonial Dr and SR-408. If you are traveling on SR-408, take the Robinson exit. The Pine Street parking garage or the Regions Bank parking garage are in close proximity to our office. Please call us if you need specific directions or email us at

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Get The Clicks is a digital marketing agency that offers a unique and refreshing approach to full service digital marketing for businesses of all sizes. Orlando is where our business began, and where we are headquartered. We have had the pleasure of helping businesses from a wide variety of industries in Orlando and still strive to grow our client base here.

Our passion for digital marketing is fueled by the online success of our clients. We assist companies with digital services including:

Let Us Help Grow Your Business

Digital marketing is all about connecting with people. We work to ensure that we reach your customers through web design, content, and messaging.

We know that digital marketing can be a lot: a lot to remember, a lot to do, and a lot to keep up with. That’s why we have a team of experienced Orlando digital marketing professionals who have years of experience to help provide you with cost-effective services that are meant to help your business reach more people.

The way we take on every new project is to first, listen to the needs of the client. Then we evaluate the competition in the market and reverse-engineer what the competition is doing to be successful. We then create a digital marketing battle plan, unique to each business, based on that evaluation.

If you are tired of marketing agencies that don’t produce results or don’t provide straight answers to your questions, give us a call. Have a conversation with any member of our team and you’ll see just how passionate we are about what we do. We won’t pressure you into signing up with us and we won’t ask you to sign any contracts. We want to work with businesses that want to work with us.

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