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Our Commitment to You

We will work tirelessly to deliver the best digital strategy for your business or your money back. We understand you are placing your trust in us and we intend to deliver.

Get The Clicks is an SEO company in Orlando, Florida with over ten years of experience that has been helping businesses just like yours improve their visibility online. Throughout the years, we’ve developed strategies for all manner of business to gain even greater organic exposure and drive leads!

Search engine optimization is ongoing, and businesses who consider it part of their normal day to day will see an improvement in search engine rankings, an increase in organic traffic, and ultimately be seen by more people who want their services.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I highly recommend working with Get the Clicks! They created my website and continue to improve and maintain it. It came out great! I also utilize their services for SEO and PPC. Hiring a team of experts to help with digital marketing has been so helpful for my small business. They are responsive, professional and great at what they do. I will be a client for the foreseeable future.
Great experience with this company I'm proud to say I'm happy.
Excellent customer service and professional environment
EXCELLENT AND HONEST COMPANY TO WORK WITH! I have been a client for many years and they are knowledgeable and and very helpful. I definitely recommend.
Stephan and Jennifer have been instrumental in my companies success! They accommodate all of my questions and offer higher levels of service when I need a change or advice! A BIG THANK YOU!
Great service! Amazing people!
I can’t say enough great things about this company! They have lowered our cost per lead almost in half! We are generating double the leads with the same budget before we started! This was the best decision I made for both of my companies and highly recommend them.
Shoutout to Matthew, Stephan, and Jennifer. What I like the most about this team is that they are transparent, telling you exactly as it is. This makes it easier fo you to analyze your options and select the best decision for your business at the current state it is in , getting you from point A to point B easily, with only a little bit of consistency and effort. Thank you guys.
The Get The Clicks team is GREAT! Digital marketing is constantly changing and I no longer had the time to focus on it myself. Hiring this team of experts gives me peace of mind knowing it's being taken care of every day, not just when I could make time to get to it. If you are a busy small business, I highly recommend you meet with Get The Clicks to learn how they help your business grow and take this very important marketing tool off your to-do list.
I have worked with Matthew Fenoff for the last 2 years. I own a small Real Estate related business, and I couldn't be happier. I do have some IT knowledge and Matt was very happy to focus on what I wanted to know and achieve rather than the numbers (which at best are confusing whoever produces them).My site now generate business, on a day to day basis. I have no idea what Matt does, but it works and I am happy with the results. You get what you pay for, and this is worthwhile. With confidence I recommend.
A great group of talented people. Our relationship with them is extremely easy, and they help us with our SEO needs. The company was always accommodating when we changed things up during the process. The SEO services that they provide in Orlando are highly recommended.
Our kitchen cabinet website was not ranking at all. We were going to hire The Clicks a while back but decided to go with another company. Four months ago we switched to The Clicks and we are already seeing an increase in leads. Should have gone with them in the first place.
I reached out to Stephan at Get The Clicks recently for a consultation on my idea for a new website. I'm new to web development, and wanted to make sure I had a professional to guide me through, since I would be building it myself. We discussed my ideas for the site, keyword research, my content plan, hosting, etc. Essentially, everything I would need to get my website up and running the right way, from the start. Stephan greatly exceeded my expectations. Not only was he highly knowledgeable and intuitive, his friendly demeanor put me at ease and we had very productive and insightful sessions each time. I truly can't speak highly enough of the exceptional experience I've had. I feel very lucky that our paths crossed, and enthusiastically recommend their services!
We are a Vet in South Orlando and lost our website because our previous web designer went out of business. We are not sure what Get THe Clicks was able to do, but somehow they were able to go and retrieve all of our old website content, That was a HUGE help. We really like them. We wish their pricing was a bit cheaper.
Work with David! He is our Account Strategist and runs our Google Ads. He has single-handedly doubled our business in less than a year.
I contacted Get The Clicks after I saw them on WESH News advising small businesses with the Covid response. I liked what they had to say. So far everything is running well. Hopefully it will stay that way.
Our law firm has been behind the times with the internet. We wanted to make 2020 our year for Digital Marketing. Of course we had no idea the economy would fall apart. Right now we have toned back everything we are doing, but I had to write a review to let you know how amazing these people really are. When we had to reduce our budget, they worked with us to figure out what we should keep and what we could pause. Their guidance has been absolutely amazing. We work with David. He is kind and understanding. He takes the time to explain everything in detail, which makes us comfortable in our decisions. Really truly enjoy working with them.
We own a paint contracting company. When we started with Get The Clicks, we had one crew. Now we have five. Love this company!
Our pest control company needed more exposure on the Google. We hired Get The Clicks for our Maps listing. The goal they set was a 20% increase in leads within 6 months. They delivered.
Such a great group of people to work with. Their website audit was what drew me in , but their attention to detail and having the ability to work with one of the Account Strategists has kept us there. Get the Clicks is exactly what we needed.
Get the Clicks is a fantastic SEO company. They are responsive, friendly, and truly care about their clients. Their team finds innovative ways to truly push results. I highly recommend their services.
Get The Clicks is awesome. We are a marketing company ourselves and we hired these guys to help us and our clients with SEO and Paid Search. I can not even begin to tell you the difference that we've seen after just a few weeks. These guys seriously rock and I would recommend them to anyone looking for better results on their webpage leads.
Get the clicks is top notch! Our company has been taken advantage of on several occasions by "SEO" companies. We were feeling defeated and extremely hesitant to ever work with a company that advertises they do SEO, just because we had been burned so bad in the past.Stephan and Frank completely turned our fear upside down, we had heard of them through a friend who uses them and we have not been disappointed so far. They're a great business to work with, extremely personable, and you can tell that they truly care about their customers, and not just taking a check. They made us feel a lot better about working with an SEO company, and we're ecstatic to see where our company goes with their help!Highly recommend them to any company that is looking to get their business out there, you won't be disappointed!
As the business owner of a water damage company in Los Angeles, marketing has been the greatest challenge. AND TOO EXPENSIVE TO NOT GET RIGHT!!! I have had several marketing experiences with VERY pricey competitors that almost had us giving up. Get the Clicks was the last house on the block for us, and I am sure happy we had enough faith left, to once again invest in our dreams. Get the Clicks has followed through on all of their promises...phone is ringing...website is awesome, and our employees are very busy. Thank you Get the Clicks for being on our team!!!
I hired them for Google Pay per Click marketing. Campaign is performing great. About to have them design a new website for us!
Great company!! Amazing service and staff! Jennifer & Matthew are the best. I have tried numerous "marketing" companies but Get the clicks actually produces new clients for my appraisal company!
These guys continuously run my google ads. This is the first company that has actually provided a positive ROI on my spending.
I met with Jennifer and she was super helpful. Can't say enough good things about her!
Get the Clicks built me an awesome website in record time. They were very knowledgeable and helpful with ideas on how to lay out the website.
Went to the wrong office at first. Once we met, they were a super helpful team. My google click ads are doing really well.
Get the Clicks did a wonderful job with my website and has really set up my work for future success with the beautiful presentation.
Working with Get The Clicks the past 12 months has been a great experience. We contracted them initially for SEO services and Web Design work (redo our company website). Since then, we have had higher rankings on our keywords, and they have evolved our site to something modern, while keeping its functionality. Stop shopping, you will be happy with the work performed by their Orlando team!
I don't usually post Google reviews, but this time I had to! Thank you so much to Get The Clicks for not only a better website, but for the support!
This company does excellent work. I was recommended by a friend, and I was highly satisfied with the results. It's been especially helpful bringing our company into the modern age with a well-designed website
Did an awesome job building my website. Highly recommend! Can’t thank you enough!
I’ve worked with a couple other SEO companies and did not get the results I was looking for. Get the Clicks has exceeded my expectations and it’s great to work with a local company that actually cares
Best SEO company, no question. They may ask for more money than other businesses like GO DADDY but do you think a 15 dollar website service will be quality? Quality over quantity. Choose GTC
We needed more than just web marketing. We needed a complete PR solution. After meeting with multiple marketing agencies in Orlando and Tampa, we actually decided to move forward with an agency in Tampa because their price was lower. Unfortunately that didn't work out to well.We ended up switching to Get The Clicks. Today our Pay per Click campaign is delivering fantastic results. Additionally their PR team actually got us featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, something we honestly never thought could happen. I can't say enough good things about their team. They have been instrumental in getting us new business.
Great customer service and results! Can't say enough about Stephan and the crew, helped me reach all my goals and then some with my web presence!
So far so good. The communication with them is far and above any that I have had before when it comes to dealing with SEO's. Would highly recommend Get The Clicks to others, just not my competitors, haha.
Can't say enough how much Stephan and the team at Get the Clicks have helped my business grow. I run a medium sized cleaning company in New Jersey and was referred to Stephan but a mutual friends and business partner. Over the last year we've seen steady increases in new clients and an overall dramatic improvement in our revenue. Couldn't be happier!
Get the Clicks has excellent customer service. The support and responsive time is unbeatable. Get the Clicks runs our SEO and is now redesigning our booth and website. Highly professional and creative team.
I have been working with Get The Clicks for about a year now and I cannot say enough about Stephan, Matt and the entire Get the Clicks Team. Right off the bat in our first meeting I felt welcomed in like family. The genuinely care about you, your business and your needs. I look forward to continuing our relationship!
Nothing short of AMAZING! I have a Cleaning and Concierge Company that needed a little website magic done. It was honestly pretty dull, boring and not very user friendly. Get The Clicks gave life back to my website, honestly the experience was awesome, and the team I was working with were very knowledgeable. Could not be happier with my new site, oh yeah did I mention my website is finally smooth on mobile too. Thank You guys!!
The staff is great! They are very friendly and do more than just answer questions. They work with you and they make sure you are getting the best service. They are very knowledgable and very efficient, they waste no time in helping you with what you need! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to market their business!

We will work tirelessly to deliver the best digital strategy for your business or your money back. We understand you are placing your trust in us and we intend to deliver.

Through our SEO management services, businesses like yours will build a better pipeline through search engines, improve in rank and visibility, and even grow your bottom line.

What our SEO Management Service includes:


Since every business is different, we first make a priority to meet with you and discuss your business goals, take stock of where you currently stand, and see where improvements can be made. In order to know where to go, it’s important to know where you’ve been, and the creation of a plan is part of that process.
Competitor Research
If Google likes businesses for the terms you want to appear for, then the question is ‘Why?’ After our initial meeting we look into competitors in your market and see what it is that they are doing to appear higher on searches. Once we have a general idea, we reverse engineer it to do it even better for you.
Directory Management
Business consistency is one of the strongest signals to Google, and we help to build out directories to sync up this information in as many places as possible.
On-Page Optimization

SEO optimization is not as effective if your website doesn’t properly flow or explain what your business is about. We work diligently on your website to ensure that the URL structure makes sense, that pages articulately explain your service line in a helpful manner, and look for technical errors which could impede performance.

Internal Structure
As part of this, we make sure that the pages within your website communicate with one another through internal linking. You have services which work well together, so it makes sense if the pages of your site do as well.

Link Building
Google likes to see that a business is an authority in their field; this is the A in their E-E-A-T algorithm. In order to help determine a business’s authoritativeness, Google looks to see what other websites link back to yours, and consider it to be a relevant source of information. By continuing to build links, your online presence can gain significant traction.
Content Generation
The written word on your website is the first way that Google is able to understand what your business does. They can’t very well rank you for something if they don’t see that you even provide the service. Through working on content on the website, and creating ongoing blog content, we ensure that Google is able to fully understand your brand.

Why Choose Us?

Industry Knowledge
Working digital marketing for over ten years has allowed us to work with a varied number of businesses in different industries and markets. What works for some is not what works for others, and by leveraging this knowledge we have gained, we’re able to provide better quality SEO.

Staying Up-to-Date
With the ever evolving landscape of search engines, we make it a priority to always stay on top of the changes so that our clients aren’t caught off guard. Updates are frequent, and more recently changing a lot, and we make sure you’re aware!

The Entire SERP
Some SEO experts only look at one part of the search results, but the truth is they are all important parts. We look at the organic results as well as the local results, and find every opportunity available to you.

Proven Results
So many businesses have come to us without ranking anywhere and are now firmly on the first page for many of their key terms. Our reviews speak for themselves with how we have helped businesses grow.

Dedicated Account Manager
You get a dedicated person to speak with, who will understand your business, and truly mold themselves to use that understanding to better affect your business.

Monthly Reports
We send out monthly reports which detail inbound traffic and conversion data for your website fed directly from Google Analytics itself. If you need further data, our team is also available to meet and discuss further.

Meet the SEO Team

At the head of the department is Neil Beliveau, who brings over fifteen years of experience with him. He originally helped to found the business that became Get The Clicks back in 2002, and moved on to other SEO agencies for a few years before coming back in 2020 to bring his knowledge with him. His experience and insight has helped transform all projects to be better than ever.

Matt Fenoff supports Neil as the SEO Account Manager, and speaks directly with clients like you to relay the information back to the team. He joined the company back in 2014, and has worked in all aspects of digital marketing, giving him knowledge and understanding of just what it takes to make effective change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SEO include the Ads at the top of Google?
While Ads are part of the SERP, they are not part of Search Engine Optimization. The two can learn from one another, but there is no direct correlation between one helping the other and vice versa.
Can SEO be handled on any website?
Yes and no. The framework that a website is built on can be a huge barrier to successful SEO, but so too can really old websites. Google likes to see very specific things, and if there are any obstructions to accomplishing those things through your website, then the efficacy of SEO will diminish.
Does Get The Clicks work with national businesses or local businesses?
Both! While the bread and butter of our clients are local businesses, we have a strong group of national clients as well. So long as there is a sound strategy in place, all businesses can succeed at SEO!
Can someone do negative SEO on my business?
We understand that there are cutthroat industries out there, where competition will work as hard as possible to undermine a business’s success. Google has wizened up to the strategies of old, and provided us ways to ensure businesses aren’t affected long-term by any negative approach.
Does any link help my website?
Years ago this would have been a yes, but now more than ever it’s important for your business to have links from authoritative and reputable websites that fit your niche. General information sites are fine as well, but having a link on any website to yours is a surefire way to dilute your SEO efforts.

Location & Directions

Get The Clicks - 37 N. Orange Ave. #420, Orlando, FL 32801

Our Orlando office is located right on Orange Ave in Downtown Orlando. For years we have been in the historic Angebilt Building, right next to Wall Street. This location gives us quick access to I-4 or the 408, as well as fantastic views at Lake Eola.

If you’re coming off I-4 from the west:

  • Take Exit 83 for South St after 0.7 miles from the I-4 Express Merge
  • Continue on the exit for 0.4 miles to S Garland Ave
  • Turn right onto W Washington St in 0.2 miles
  • Turn right onto N Orange Ave after 249 feet
Parking options are available on the street level, in the Plaza Parking Garage, or on many side streets or other garages.

Service Areas

Altamonte Springs
Winter Springs
UCF Area
Lake Nona
Winter Park
College Park
Baldwin Park
Thornton Park
Dr. Philips
Theme Parks Area
Lake Buena Vista

We will work tirelessly to deliver the best digital strategy for your business or your money back. We understand you are placing your trust in us and we intend to deliver.