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Harness the power of Google Ads with the help of seasoned experts.

Our Commitment to You

We will work tirelessly to deliver the best digital strategy for your business or your money back. We understand you are placing your trust in us and we intend to deliver.

Our team has over a decade of experience successfully managing per per click ads for Orlando businesses just like yours.

Setting up and optimizing Google Ads campaigns can help businesses get their ads in front of people who are actively searching for or interested in their products or services.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I highly recommend working with Get the Clicks! They created my website and continue to improve and maintain it. It came out great! I also utilize their services for SEO and PPC. Hiring a team of experts to help with digital marketing has been so helpful for my small business. They are responsive, professional and great at what they do. I will be a client for the foreseeable future.
I highly recommend Get the Clicks to anyone. They have helped us with our website since around 2016 and are always extremely helpful, knowledgeable and understanding. Every conversation leaves me feeling like our business is important to them and they have our backs, even when it takes us a while to make decisions they need us to make...oops! I plan on a continuing business relationship for a long time to come because they are simply that wonderful.
Great experience with this company I'm proud to say I'm happy.
Excellent customer service and professional environment
They do a great job for us and are always very responsive when ever we have a question. We have worked with Matt for years and as a bonus for us they are close by if we need to meet in person.
EXCELLENT AND HONEST COMPANY TO WORK WITH! I have been a client for many years and they are knowledgeable and and very helpful. I definitely recommend.
Stephan and Jennifer have been instrumental in my companies success! They accommodate all of my questions and offer higher levels of service when I need a change or advice! A BIG THANK YOU!
Great service! Amazing people!
I can’t say enough great things about this company! They have lowered our cost per lead almost in half! We are generating double the leads with the same budget before we started! This was the best decision I made for both of my companies and highly recommend them.
Shoutout to Matthew, Stephan, and Jennifer. What I like the most about this team is that they are transparent, telling you exactly as it is. This makes it easier fo you to analyze your options and select the best decision for your business at the current state it is in , getting you from point A to point B easily, with only a little bit of consistency and effort. Thank you guys.
The Get The Clicks team is GREAT! Digital marketing is constantly changing and I no longer had the time to focus on it myself. Hiring this team of experts gives me peace of mind knowing it's being taken care of every day, not just when I could make time to get to it. If you are a busy small business, I highly recommend you meet with Get The Clicks to learn how they help your business grow and take this very important marketing tool off your to-do list.
I have worked with Matthew Fenoff for the last 2 years. I own a small Real Estate related business, and I couldn't be happier. I do have some IT knowledge and Matt was very happy to focus on what I wanted to know and achieve rather than the numbers (which at best are confusing whoever produces them).My site now generate business, on a day to day basis. I have no idea what Matt does, but it works and I am happy with the results. You get what you pay for, and this is worthwhile. With confidence I recommend.
A great group of talented people. Our relationship with them is extremely easy, and they help us with our SEO needs. The company was always accommodating when we changed things up during the process. The SEO services that they provide in Orlando are highly recommended.
Our kitchen cabinet website was not ranking at all. We were going to hire The Clicks a while back but decided to go with another company. Four months ago we switched to The Clicks and we are already seeing an increase in leads. Should have gone with them in the first place.
I reached out to Stephan at Get The Clicks recently for a consultation on my idea for a new website. I'm new to web development, and wanted to make sure I had a professional to guide me through, since I would be building it myself. We discussed my ideas for the site, keyword research, my content plan, hosting, etc. Essentially, everything I would need to get my website up and running the right way, from the start. Stephan greatly exceeded my expectations. Not only was he highly knowledgeable and intuitive, his friendly demeanor put me at ease and we had very productive and insightful sessions each time. I truly can't speak highly enough of the exceptional experience I've had. I feel very lucky that our paths crossed, and enthusiastically recommend their services!
We are a Vet in South Orlando and lost our website because our previous web designer went out of business. We are not sure what Get THe Clicks was able to do, but somehow they were able to go and retrieve all of our old website content, That was a HUGE help. We really like them. We wish their pricing was a bit cheaper.
Work with David! He is our Account Strategist and runs our Google Ads. He has single-handedly doubled our business in less than a year.
I contacted Get The Clicks after I saw them on WESH News advising small businesses with the Covid response. I liked what they had to say. So far everything is running well. Hopefully it will stay that way.
Our law firm has been behind the times with the internet. We wanted to make 2020 our year for Digital Marketing. Of course we had no idea the economy would fall apart. Right now we have toned back everything we are doing, but I had to write a review to let you know how amazing these people really are. When we had to reduce our budget, they worked with us to figure out what we should keep and what we could pause. Their guidance has been absolutely amazing. We work with David. He is kind and understanding. He takes the time to explain everything in detail, which makes us comfortable in our decisions. Really truly enjoy working with them.
We own a paint contracting company. When we started with Get The Clicks, we had one crew. Now we have five. Love this company!
Our pest control company needed more exposure on the Google. We hired Get The Clicks for our Maps listing. The goal they set was a 20% increase in leads within 6 months. They delivered.
Such a great group of people to work with. Their website audit was what drew me in , but their attention to detail and having the ability to work with one of the Account Strategists has kept us there. Get the Clicks is exactly what we needed.
Get the Clicks is a fantastic SEO company. They are responsive, friendly, and truly care about their clients. Their team finds innovative ways to truly push results. I highly recommend their services.
Get The Clicks is awesome. We are a marketing company ourselves and we hired these guys to help us and our clients with SEO and Paid Search. I can not even begin to tell you the difference that we've seen after just a few weeks. These guys seriously rock and I would recommend them to anyone looking for better results on their webpage leads.
Get the clicks is top notch! Our company has been taken advantage of on several occasions by "SEO" companies. We were feeling defeated and extremely hesitant to ever work with a company that advertises they do SEO, just because we had been burned so bad in the past.Stephan and Frank completely turned our fear upside down, we had heard of them through a friend who uses them and we have not been disappointed so far. They're a great business to work with, extremely personable, and you can tell that they truly care about their customers, and not just taking a check. They made us feel a lot better about working with an SEO company, and we're ecstatic to see where our company goes with their help!Highly recommend them to any company that is looking to get their business out there, you won't be disappointed!
As the business owner of a water damage company in Los Angeles, marketing has been the greatest challenge. AND TOO EXPENSIVE TO NOT GET RIGHT!!! I have had several marketing experiences with VERY pricey competitors that almost had us giving up. Get the Clicks was the last house on the block for us, and I am sure happy we had enough faith left, to once again invest in our dreams. Get the Clicks has followed through on all of their promises...phone is ringing...website is awesome, and our employees are very busy. Thank you Get the Clicks for being on our team!!!
I hired them for Google Pay per Click marketing. Campaign is performing great. About to have them design a new website for us!
Great company!! Amazing service and staff! Jennifer & Matthew are the best. I have tried numerous "marketing" companies but Get the clicks actually produces new clients for my appraisal company!
These guys continuously run my google ads. This is the first company that has actually provided a positive ROI on my spending.
I met with Jennifer and she was super helpful. Can't say enough good things about her!
Get the Clicks built me an awesome website in record time. They were very knowledgeable and helpful with ideas on how to lay out the website.
Went to the wrong office at first. Once we met, they were a super helpful team. My google click ads are doing really well.
Get the Clicks did a wonderful job with my website and has really set up my work for future success with the beautiful presentation.
Working with Get The Clicks the past 12 months has been a great experience. We contracted them initially for SEO services and Web Design work (redo our company website). Since then, we have had higher rankings on our keywords, and they have evolved our site to something modern, while keeping its functionality. Stop shopping, you will be happy with the work performed by their Orlando team!
I don't usually post Google reviews, but this time I had to! Thank you so much to Get The Clicks for not only a better website, but for the support!
This company does excellent work. I was recommended by a friend, and I was highly satisfied with the results. It's been especially helpful bringing our company into the modern age with a well-designed website
Did an awesome job building my website. Highly recommend! Can’t thank you enough!
We are a new business in Downtown Orlando and have been open only for a year. In the beginning, we were with a different SEO company but we did not see a lot of traffic until we switched over to Get the Clicks. Since we started working with Get the Clicks they have been amazing! We have seen a huge jump in our Google leads. We enjoy working with them so much because they are so patient and willing to explain all the technical terms and make sure we know exactly is going on with the business. They touch base with us every regularly to give us monthly updates and plan for upcoming months! We are so happy with Get the Clicks and we KNOW you will be too!
I’ve worked with a couple other SEO companies and did not get the results I was looking for. Get the Clicks has exceeded my expectations and it’s great to work with a local company that actually cares
Best SEO company, no question. They may ask for more money than other businesses like GO DADDY but do you think a 15 dollar website service will be quality? Quality over quantity. Choose GTC
We needed more than just web marketing. We needed a complete PR solution. After meeting with multiple marketing agencies in Orlando and Tampa, we actually decided to move forward with an agency in Tampa because their price was lower. Unfortunately that didn't work out to well.We ended up switching to Get The Clicks. Today our Pay per Click campaign is delivering fantastic results. Additionally their PR team actually got us featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, something we honestly never thought could happen. I can't say enough good things about their team. They have been instrumental in getting us new business.
Great customer service and results! Can't say enough about Stephan and the crew, helped me reach all my goals and then some with my web presence!
So far so good. The communication with them is far and above any that I have had before when it comes to dealing with SEO's. Would highly recommend Get The Clicks to others, just not my competitors, haha.
Can't say enough how much Stephan and the team at Get the Clicks have helped my business grow. I run a medium sized cleaning company in New Jersey and was referred to Stephan but a mutual friends and business partner. Over the last year we've seen steady increases in new clients and an overall dramatic improvement in our revenue. Couldn't be happier!
Get the Clicks has excellent customer service. The support and responsive time is unbeatable. Get the Clicks runs our SEO and is now redesigning our booth and website. Highly professional and creative team.
I have been working with Get The Clicks for about a year now and I cannot say enough about Stephan, Matt and the entire Get the Clicks Team. Right off the bat in our first meeting I felt welcomed in like family. The genuinely care about you, your business and your needs. I look forward to continuing our relationship!

We will work tirelessly to deliver the best digital strategy for your business or your money back. We understand you are placing your trust in us and we intend to deliver.

We offer comprehensive Google Ads management services to help your business
attract more customers and increase sales.

What Our Google Ads Management Service Includes:

Keyword Research
We identify high-value keywords that are relevant to your products/services and have high search volume. This ensures your ads reach people actively searching for what you offer. We use a few tools to do this research: Google Keyword Planner, Your Google Search Console account if you have it, and AHREFS.
Campaign Setup
We set up effective search, display, shopping, and video campaigns tailored to your business goals. All campaigns are optimized for conversions and maximum ROI.
Ad Copywriting
We create compelling ad text, titles, and descriptions that capture attention and drive clicks. We highlight your key brand messages.
Ad Extensions
We optimize your ads with extensions like callouts, location extensions, call buttons and more to improve CTR and conversions.
Landing Page Optimization
We ensure your landing pages are fully optimized to convert visitors into leads and customers. This improves quality score and lowers cost-per-click.
Conversion Tracking
Using Google Tag Manager, GA4 and CallRail we will track the conversion actions that are most important to you. In most cases that includes phone calls, form submissions, booked appointments and website sales.
Enhanced Conversions

Where applicable, we’ll set up enhanced conversion tracking for form submissions and website sales which allows us to collect better data and utilize more advanced bidding strategies.

Google Ads support explains Enhanced Conversions:

“Enhanced conversions are a feature that can improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement and unlock more powerful bidding. It supplements your existing conversion tags by sending hashed first party conversion data from your website to Google in a privacy safe way.

Enhanced Conversions allows you to send hashed first-party, user-provided data from your website when a user converts. The data is then used to match your customers to Google accounts, which were signed-in to when they engaged with one of your ads. “

Bid Management

We set optimal automated bidding strategies to utilize the power of AI to find users that are most likely to convert, minimizing your cost per conversion.

For Example: Let’s say you have a plumbing business. We’ve set up tracking for your calls and contact form submissions. We’re going to optimize your campaigns with a bid strategy to Maximize Conversions. The Google Ads platform, using this automated bidding strategy, will go try to get the most conversions with the daily budget that is set. After some time, usually about 30 days, we’ll have enough data to see what the average cost per conversion is. We can then switch to a more advanced bidding strategy by setting a Target CPA (cost per acquisition). Setting the Target CPA tells the system that we want to pay $x per conversion. The system over time will learn and adjust that target to get the most conversions with your budget while staying under a certain amount per conversion. This is monitored and adjusted over time.

If you’re managing your own ads and still using manual cpc, it’s time to chat with us.

Performance Tracking
We provide in-depth reporting and analytics on campaign performance. Key metrics tracked include impressions, clicks, conversions, and costs.

Why Choose Us

Google Partners
We have continuously met the requirements for Google Partnership, maintaining performance levels for our clients and passing our annual Google Ads Certifications.
We are certified in Search, Display, Video and Shopping

$500 Promotions For New Accounts 
Our Google Partner status allows us to offer new accounts built with us up to $500 in matched ad credit.

Industry Expertise
Our Google Ads experts have experience working with all types of businesses, including but not limited to, Local Services, eCommerce and B2B brands.

Proven Results
We consistently deliver excellent ROI by improving conversions while reducing wasted ad spend.

Latest Google Updates
We stay on top of the latest Google Ads features and refine strategies to leverage them. Our direct Account Strategists at Google know we want to be the first to know when new features are in beta so we can plan ahead .

Dedicated Account Manager
Your account manager will oversee your campaigns and provide optimization recommendations.

Transparent Reporting
We provide insights into where your budget is spent and how each campaign is performing.

We know the Orlando area
Our agency headquarters are located in Orlando so we know the market better than national marketing agencies.

Meet the Dept Team

Our Google Ads department is managed by Jen Hiotis, who has been with our agency since 2012. She has helped guide thousands of businesses to see success in using Google Ads over that time. She is passionate about her client’s success and believes Google Ads can be an extremely effective way to grow almost any business.

Jen is supported by Emily Chaffee who joined the team in early 2023. She’s been quick to pick up skills under Jen’s direction and is certified in Search, Display, Video and Shopping ads.

Get in touch today to have one of our Google Ads experts craft an effective PPC strategy for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I spend on Google Ads?

We generally recommend $50-$100/day to start, depending on where and what you’re trying to market.

$50/day is a good place to start if you only want to see how many leads you can get from basic search ads. If you want to really utilize the power of Google Ads and the AI capabilities, it’s best to run both Search and Performance Max campaigns at the same time.

Consider your business goals, target cost-per-click and conversion rates, and track performance before increasing budget. We monitor results closely and adjust as needed.

How do I optimize my Google Ads campaigns?
Optimization involves adjusting bids, keywords, ad copy, landing pages, and more to improve campaign performance. Analyze search terms, add negative keywords, create ad variations, and reorganize ad groups. Automated bid strategies like Target CPA can help optimization.
What metrics should I track for Google Ads?
Important metrics to track are impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions, cost per conversion, and return on ad spend. Use these to identify well-performing ads/keywords and areas needing improvement. Dig deeper into metrics by ad group, keyword, device, and other factors.
How can I make my Google Ads more effective?
Besides ongoing optimization, ensure ads and landing pages are high-quality and relevant to keywords. Use extensions like callouts. Segment keywords and create tightly themed ad groups. Use negative keywords. Check search query reports for missed opportunities. Test different bid strategies.
How can I track conversions with Google Ads?
The best way to track conversions is by using Google Tag Manager. You’ll need to decide what you want to track and then you can figure out how to track each action.
In most cases, we’ll use CallRail for call tracking and use Tag Manager to track contact form submissions. Ecommerce tracking will depend on the website platform you’re using. Any offsite conversions or submissions through an iframe on your website will usually require documentation from the 3rd party source.
Your best bet is to ask an expert to help you set this up.

Location & Directions

Get The Clicks - 37 N. Orange Ave. #420, Orlando, FL 32801

Our Orlando office is located right on Orange Ave in Downtown Orlando. For years we have been in the historic Angebilt Building, right next to Wall Street. This location gives us quick access to I-4 or the 408, as well as fantastic views at Lake Eola.

If you’re coming off I-4 from the west:

  • Take Exit 83 for South St after 0.7 miles from the I-4 Express Merge
  • Continue on the exit for 0.4 miles to S Garland Ave
  • Turn right onto W Washington St in 0.2 miles
  • Turn right onto N Orange Ave after 249 feet
Parking options are available on the street level, in the Plaza Parking Garage, or on many side streets or other garages.

Service Areas

Altamonte Springs
Winter Springs
UCF Area
Lake Nona
Winter Park
College Park
Baldwin Park
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Dr. Philips
Theme Parks Area
Lake Buena Vista
Harness the power of Google Ads with the help of seasoned experts.