Client Success Story: PawnMaster and Buy/Sell Plus

by | Apr 24, 2022 | Client News

Point of Sale Systems seem to crop up every so often and then fizzle out due to either a bloated mess of options, or just not understanding their end-users. A few years back we had the pleasure of meeting the team over at Data Age Business Solutions because of our presence in the Tampa area. Data Age does not fall into the above category, as they have spent over 30 years perfecting their systems and really understanding their customer bases. Since that meeting, we have been fortunate enough to be their vendor for Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads for the majority of that time, specifically for their PawnMaster and Buy/Sell Plus platforms.


It’s no surprise that in the Pawn Shop industry, there would be programs to help manage inventory and deal with the day-to-day operations of the business. PawnMaster is one of the most well-known brands in the industry for software, and spends their waking moments making the system better and better for their clients. Every month there are dozens of new requests for their system, and their customer base continues to grow month over month, to the point where they have saturated the market in the best way possible. You can’t look for anything pawn software related without seeing PawnMaster’s name and logo plastered across the SERP.

Our angle has been to help build the business at the top of the sales funnel, by bringing in audiences who are looking to get into the pawn industry and get them started with the PawnMaster system before they spend any time on something else. Between new and old businesses, PawnMaster continues to draw in more eyes, which in turn helps them to develop the software to make it better and better. The PawnMaster of today is not the same PawnMaster of two years ago, and it’s only getting better. If you’re curious about just who they are, and if they can help your aims, check them out at

Buy/Sell Plus

Where PawnMaster specializes in specifically Pawn Shops, Buy/Sell Plus engages with a host of other point of sale businesses. The software specializes in work with the collectables, firearms dealers, jewelry, precious metals, repair, and used goods stores, and while there may be some bleed with pawning goods, they are ultimately separate software programs with their own intricacies. With the software, teams can manage their inventory, track customers, print receipts, process repair work, and record employee time, all in addition to a text messaging service that can communicate directly with customers. Even more recently there has been a text pay option added, which allows for payments through mobile devices. They are continuously improving and making the system more efficient for their clients and their clients’ customers.

To find out more information about their Buy/Sell Plus software, or to request it for your business, you can visit them here:

Data Age Business Systems has been a leader in their respective industries for over 30 years, and with the brain trust they have at the helm, and the marketing arm behind it, we only see their continued success in whatever angles they wish to go into.

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