Top Searched Keywords for Roofing Companies

Keyword research tips for roofers of all sizes.

Your Roofing Website is a Sales Tool, Not a Marketing Tool.

There are many keyword research tools online that can be used to do this research. We prefer AHREFS to help determine search volumes, difficulty scores and average cost per click if you were to use Google AdWords to advertise.

Follow These 5 Simple Steps

First we sort by search volume. There’s no sense in trying to rank for a keyword that has no demand. When it comes to search for roofing, there are many keywords that you can target to get you the attention that you need to start receiving more leads.

Second we look for buyer intent.  For example, a person searching for “Roofing” may have buyer intent if the search is for “roofing company”. However a person searching for “roofer” is looking for a person who does the work.  That means there is high buyer intent.

Third we focus on the buyer behavior.  Virtually no one searches for “roof replacement”.  Most people search for “roof repair”.  We all know all too often the repair turns into a replacement.  Therefore, we go after roof repair keywords, not roof replacement.

Fourth we focus on the low hanging fruit.  We go after the keywords with lower difficulty scores.  Often times we actually rank them in order of difficulty, starting with the easiest ones.  Just look at the keyword difficulty scoring system in AHREFS for exact information. Its easy.

Fifth and final, we look for supporting keywords to help the main keyword rank.  We use those keywords for supporting content.  For example, if we want to rank for “Roof Repair Tampa“, then we would write blog content that supports the roof repair page.  The keywords for our supporting blog pages would include words like “best”, “reviews” or “asphalt shingles”.

Google Rating
Based on 101 reviews

Yelp Rating
Based on 11 reviews

Facebook Rating
Based on 11 reviews

Roofing Keyword Categorization

We not only sort the keywords by search volume but also separate them into categories. We do the same if we we’re building a new pay per click campaign.  This caters to the way the Google algorithm indexes related content.  For example, all of the terms similar to “roofing company” would all be in the same list:

  • Roofing Company
  • Roofing Companies
  • Local Roofing Companies
  • Roof Company

If you decide to target all categories, you’re going to have an SEO strategy for each. Make sure each category or miscellaneous keyword will have to have its own page to attempt to rank.

We have found these keywords above to be the most valuable to a local roofing company. Some are more competitive than others and some cities are more competitive than others but those with competition are usually the most lucrative when you make it to the top.

So if you’re using a tool like AHREFS, don’t be discouraged by a high keyword difficulty score. It will pay off in the end with the right SEO techniques.

Then all of the “roofing contractor” terms would be grouped together:

  • Roofing Contractors
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Roof Contractors
  • Roof Contractor
  • Home Roofing Contractors
  • Home Roofing Contractor

Roof Repair:

  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Roofing Repair
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Repair Cost
  • Roof Repair Company

Commercial Roofing:

  • Commercial Roofing Company
  • Commercial Roofing Contractors
  • Commercial Roof Repair
  • Commercial Roofing Companies


Most roofing companies serve a local market which should be reflected in your keywords. For example, if you are located in Denver, Colorado, your local search campaign should include the “Denver” location in your target keywords. You would choose keywords such as:

  • Denver Roofing
  • Roof Repair Denver
  • Roofing Companies Denver
  • Roofing Denver
  • Denver Roofing Companies
  • Denver Roofing Contractors

The search volume is going to be less for these terms than the broad searches but there is also more buyer intent when a person performs a detailed search, looking for a company in their city.

A person looking for “roofing” could be doing research for something other than hiring a company for a roofing job. Someone looking for “Denver Roofing Companies” is probably searching for a company to contact.

Buyer Intent

Buyer intent keywords are exactly what they sound like. We alluded to this in the paragraph above. The phrase should represent a search done by a person looking to make a purchasing decision. If someone is looking for a roofer, they’re not going to just type “roof” into their search bar. They’re going to look for a local company to provide them a quote for the service so something like “Denver Roofing Company” would be a much better choice for ranking.

Competitor Research

Another great way to compile a list of keywords that you’d like to target is to look at your online competition. As a matter of fact, any good seo campaign for a roofing company should include competitor research.  Our local roofing SEO services certainly do this.  Take one of the main keywords from your initial research and look at which companies are ranking organically at the top of Google for that search. You can use the same tool, SEMrush, to take a look at the keywords your top competitor is ranking for and go after the same. This is part of our reverse-engineering process that makes our SEO approach different from most other agencies.

LSI Keywords

LSI stands for “latent semantic indexing”, which sounds complicated but it just means keywords that are related to each other. Once you’ve picked out your main keywords, written solid content to represent those keywords on your site, posted the pages, applied on-page SEO techniques, and started a quality link building campaign to the main pages, you should write supporting content for the main pages. This is where LSI keywords come in handy. You can use an online LSI keyword generator to help you come up with these terms. If you plug “roofing companies” into an LSI keyword generator the results will help you build a list.  From this list, you can start picking our more specific keyword phrases to write content about. Using a tool to generate this list is important because it only picks phrases that it knows Google understands are related to the initial keyword that you’re trying to rank for.

Plan of Attack

After compiling your keyword research data, you should have an SEO battle plan in created to take down the competition and rank for the keywords you have decided are most important for your roofing company. Follow through with the plan from start to finish and watch for results over the next few months. SEO is time consuming but with the right plan of action and some patience you will have quality leads calling your business asking for quotes.

If you need help with your keyword research or SEO battle plan creation, give us a call. We’d be happy to implement our successful approach for your business.

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