The State of Digital Marketing: The Future is AI

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Clicks Blog, Client News, Pay per Click, SEO

There has never been a more exciting time when it comes to representing yourself online, as the advancement of AI continues to grow and change the landscape of pretty much every facet of Digital Marketing and beyond.

We pride ourselves on re-engineering and changing to the needs of both our clients, but also the search engines themselves, and those changes are coming quickly! AI will continue to learn and become better the more we use it, and so we continue to learn as well to become better.

AI is no longer a futuristic concept; it is increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily lives and business operations. From voice assistants like Siri and Alexa to personalized product recommendations on e-commerce platforms, AI is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology and consume information. In the realm of marketing, AI has the power to unlock new opportunities and significantly impact your business’s growth and competitive advantage.
By leveraging AI-driven solutions, businesses can enhance their online presence and effectively showcase what sets them apart from the competition.

But How?

Google, now more than ever, is keenly focused on user experience and business difference than they ever have been. For example, assume you’re buying a new dining table:
• Google is already assuming that you will consult 5+ different sources to help make your purchase decision
• You are going to heavily base your decision on: Price, Quality, Materials, Aesthetics, Reviews, Availability, and Speed (hint: Google can tell all of this)
• Assuming you want to go and see your potential new dining table in person, Google will factor all of these results based on your unique profile
o Is there a traffic accident on one of the two main highways? If so, Google could show you results on the other side of town to avoid your frustration of dealing with traffic
o Is the business out of stock or overwhelmed on phones? If either of these, Google could show you results where they aren’t overly busy so you can get what you need sooner, or not waste your time traveling to see nothing.
o Is the establishment more modern and less traditional? If you have a particular aesthetic you’re looking for, and the businesses available are more known for their opposing aesthetic, Google likely won’t show those businesses. After all, they would unlikely purchase anyway!
These are only some factors, but literally anything that the human mind can pick and choose could be used by Google to determine what your personalized search results will show you.

How can you adjust?

There will be no 100% market saturation without factoring in each and every audience. If someone is outside of your audience by price or otherwise, the likelihood of showing them will become lower. We must now seriously review differentiation, audience understanding, and representation.

Why are your clients your clients? What actually makes you different? How is that leveraged? Does your website very accurately explain not only your business service, but also your voice and brand?

Getting leads and growing the business is no longer the goal, but instead the symptom of a greater goal: Standing Out. If people work with you because you sell really well on the phone compared to competitors, it needs to be abundantly clear before they even call you.

It’s a unique and exciting period for digital marketing, and it will mean shifts in almost all industries, but this is an opportunity to Rethink. Review. Renew. your business and its representation.

Content – Imagery – Site Flow

At present, the biggest things that businesses can Rethink, Review, and Renew are the tangible things such as content, imagery, and general site structure. We’ve always stressed the importance of having highly relevant content and pictures, and now it’s even more important. We also understand the difficulty of having professional photos taken of/in your business, and have utilized stock photos to help bridge that gap.

We strongly believe the best opportunity here is to have true business pictures taken by/in/at the business itself, and not rely on stock photography. There’s nothing more relevant than the reality of the business.

We also encourage clients to all have their own stock photo library that is theirs to use as they need. Sites like Envato Elements provide a slew of options, but there are also programs like Adobe Stock which have ample selection. By using crafted and relevant pictures coinciding with excellently crafted content that is specifically representing your difference, your site can make serious waves.

Content remains a big component, but even that will see changes based on seasons, regions, events, etc. Your existing content isn’t any less relevant, but there will be increased opportunity to become even more tailored to your audience!

Other Opportunities – Apple

Google has had it easy with failing competitors and a general monopolization of the Search Engine space for a very long time. More and more search engines come up with intent to overthrow Google, but fall flat. However, more recently and in the coming months, Apple looks to be positioning itself to truly contend.

Aside from their development of their own search engine, they are positioning their App Store to leverage AI and search both to showcase their own App Store more prominently in search, pushing more engagement with Apple products than ever before. It would be foolish to ignore the changes that Apple is making, and instead we should use this opportunity to be present when the time arises.

Gain Exposure using Google Ads

Google Ads has been using AI for quite some time now. The advances that have been made over the past year along with what is to come will present challenges but also give us the greatest opportunity to get in front of the right people that we hope to turn into your customers.

If you’re not already running Google Ads, this is the best time to consider it. Using machine learning, Google positions your ads in the right places at the right times for the right people. They can predict who is most likely to convert and uses your budget to focus on those individuals. Think of how many ads you see every day. Those ads are all tailored specifically to you. Why wouldn’t you want to do the same for your business?

If you are already running Google Ads, with us or on your own, let’s talk about how we can supercharge your advertising with the use of AI.

We Are Excited

At Get The Clicks, this is a wonderful time to be engaged with digital marketing. Being at the forefront of these changes and learning will be a huge differentiator, because it will be a more holistic approach to your marketing. AI is not something to be afraid of, but instead yet another tool to use to help drive leads. After all, you probably didn’t notice that a couple paragraphs in this blog were actually generated by AI (by that I mean I instructed a computer what I wanted written, but I personally did not write them)

We all have to think differently, and stay on top of this exciting new venture!

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