Article marketing is the key to attracting more people to your site, just ask any reputable firm such as Orlando SEO Company Get The Clicks. Articles increase the traffic coming to your site, and when written with high quality, engaging content gives your website high quality back links. Over the course of the past year numerous updates were made to the Google algorithm and how we market these articles has severely changed.

In order to get great results in today’s more stringent article marketing environment, check out the tips below. They outline the last few month’s revelations in how to successfully not just write, but link and share the article for high search ranking in today’s online environment. Read below and learn the new rules:

The first thing to note is that link structure has become increasingly natural in nature. No longer can a marketing consultant simply place the main keyword 10% of the time in the article. An exact match keyword should now be used 7-10% of the time maximum. Variations of this exact match keyword should also be utilized in this figure in order to make it appear even more natural.

The number of back links built per day is much lower now than it has been the previous year. When Penguin hit the recommended maximum of back links one could safely build per day was 25. Now that number appears much to high, a more natural number is anywhere from 5-18.

Quality of the content is essential. No longer can companies write good quality articles, these articles MUST be of high quality and written with minimal to no mistakes. Content is being deeply analyzed as always, but to a whole other level in 2013.

Anchor Text was cracked down upon heavily in the past year, but this year the game is even stricter. The anchor text must not all be exact match keywords and variations of it. Have anchor text that has calls to action, is random, or simply states a command to click on the link. Variety, and natural anchor text is key.

Social Signals are the future of article marketing. This is the biggest and most important factor moving into the future success of your article marketing. One can have a beautifully written, natural building, and optimized article being disbursed on the internet but it will not lead to a great ranking success for the website if it is not being “liked”, shared, tweeted, or “+’d” on Google. Social signals will be massively important this year and in the upcoming future so be ready and have a plan in place.

There are many techniques that you can put to use in order to achieve successful article marketing for your website. By following the tips outlined above, you can make a big difference in your article marketing and lead to a boost in search results the right way. Call an expert Orlando SEO Company such as Get The Clicks to make the most out of your article marketing.

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