We’re Rebuilding Our Clicks Club!

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Company News, SEO

Attention clients, new and old. In the past you may have gotten a Clicks Club certificate from us based on the amount of monthly traffic you were receiving to your site. That’s all fine and dandy but sending traffic your way is only part of our job. Our main priority is to position your website on the first page of Google for search terms with buyer intent. In other words, we’re putting your business in front of people that are looking for your service, not just people doing research on something related to the service your business offers.

So we’ve decided to switch things up a little. Rank is just the beginning with us. We focus on 5 buyer intent keywords with within each keyword category. For example:

If you are a plumber in Orlando, FL, your category is going to be “Orlando Plumber”. The keywords we would focus on would likely be:

• Orlando Plumber
• Orlando Plumbing Company
• Orlando Plumbing Service
• Plumber in Orlando
• Plumbing Company in Orlando FL

We also focus on the representation of your brand and URL.

Once you make it to the first page of Google, consistently, for all 5 of those keywords, we will all have a celebration. You will be inducted into our Clicks Club with a certificate and a little party, provided by the Clicksters. Does that mean your campaign is over? Not a chance.

It’s not over yet.

Now that you’re ranking for all 5 terms in your category you will work with your new Client Manager who will discuss other revenue generating opportunities for your business. We’re driving the traffic to the site, but what can we, as a team, do better to create more business out of that traffic.

That Client Manager will also work to defend your position online. SEO is kind of like racing a car. You can’t speed to be in front of your competitors and then let off the gas. Your competition is not going to let up, and neither can you.

At this point you may choose to add in another keyword category for the SEO team to work on. We would be happy to add another 5 keywords at a discounted client rate.

Stay tuned for your new Clicks Club induction announcements.

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