How to Write a Digital Marketing Proposal

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Marketing

Every business today needs a digital marketing strategy. Not only does digital marketing spread the word about your business, but customers are more likely to trust and interact with businesses that have a social media presence or a website.

A trusted Orlando SEO digital marketing agency will spend a lot of time and effort on their digital marketing proposal, ironing out all the details before starting. This is because they understand the importance of doing such extensive groundwork before plunging headfirst into a digital marketing campaign.

You might not know where to start, though, when it comes to a digital marketing proposal, so we’ve covered some essential elements that your proposal should include.

What Do Digital Marketing Proposals Include?

Digital marketing is all about finding the best way to interact with your customers online and the most creative techniques to show people what your business is all about.

What is a Digital Marketing Proposal?

Before we get started with the elements of the digital marketing proposal, you should first understand what a proposal is all about.

What you’re doing is defining your goals and the time you need to accomplish them. Your digital marketing proposal should detail your objectives and how you plan to communicate the benefits of your products or service to your customer base. From there, the goal is to discuss the marketing tactics that you need to do all of this.

Why Do Digital Marketing Proposals Fail?

Here are some things you should avoid:

Irrelevant details: No one has the time to go through a digital marketing proposal that’s unclear and rambling on, so make your proposal succinct.

Unnecessary complexity: Make your digital marketing proposal easy to understand. Present your information in a clear and logical way, and that doesn’t require the people involved to spend too much time piecing together what you’re saying.

Important Elements in Your Digital Marketing Proposal Template

Problems and Solutions

You want to analyze your customers’ problem and think about how you will solve it through your digital marketing campaign. Understanding your target customers’ problems will help you understand their needs and cater to them well.

Your digital marketing proposal should have an in-depth look into the problems component. If you find yourself unable to expand on the issues your customers face, it could reveal a lack of understanding of your customer profile, customer behavior and the overall sales process. This means you should go back to square one and seek to understand your target customer through some research.

When you’re brainstorming solutions, always tie each solution to a very clear and solid benefit. Include specific goals so you can measure your KPIs clearly.


There are so many avenues for online advertising these days, whether it’s with Google Ads, Bing, or social media ads. Paid search allows you to bid for keywords relevant to your business and pay to show up on advertising space on blogs.

You can’t stop at running ad campaigns either. You need to consider how you’ll market your business regularly to attract new clients to your business. For example, your business might work best with the personalization of email campaigns, or maybe case studies will reach your target audience most efficiently.

Think about the budget you want to set aside for advertising and work out your expected KPIs. Discuss if you’re going to focus on Google, the most used advertising platform, or if your industry is heavily featured and involved on social media, you might want to set aside some of your budget for social media ads.


Everyone has phones nowadays, so you may want to consider some strategies that reach your customers directly via their mobile devices. Mobile marketing is a tactic that’s gaining popularity, and it’s no wonder why. Businesses can easily reach their customers and promote their products and services through text messages or even ads in mobile apps.

Don’t forget to make your website mobile responsive so your customers can view your website and shop easily with a well-optimized user interface.

Social Media Marketing

Speaking of technology, consider how you might use social media to your advantage. Detail how you plan on using it effectively to create a brand strategy and increase your online visibility and reputation.

When it comes to the biggest social media platforms, you’d probably include a plan for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or even YouTube. However, it’s not very effective when you try to be everywhere, so it’s a good idea to focus more on a few key platforms. If you are unsure of which to focus, ask yourself where your target audience spends the most time.

Food-related industries would often find that their audience favors Pinterest and YouTube for delicious recipes. The beauty industry often finds their audience on Instagram or YouTube.

Wherever your target audience likes to spend time, try to be visible on those platforms and build your brand awareness to reach your audience right where they are.

Search Engine Optimization

No digital marketing proposal is complete without the core aspect of SEO. SEO revolves around your website rankings on search engines, bringing in a constant flow of organic traffic. The fact is, SEO itself is very broad and includes a wide variety of tactics from keyword research, backlinks to onsite optimization. Without the right SEO knowledge, you could even risk causing a penalty to your website’s rankings with dodgy tactics. Consider our SEO services to help you for the best results.

Time Frame

You need to make clear how long you think it will take to accomplish your marketing goals. Propose a schedule when you note your tasks so you can see a general idea of when your investment will pay off.

Of course, your time frame doesn’t need to be exact. Things might change along the way, but even a general idea of timing will help a lot.


You can’t have a business these days without a digital marketing strategy to take advantage of reaching your customers online. Your digital marketing proposal should detail exactly what that strategy is, but more than that, it needs to display the problems of your target audience and how you’ll be the one to provide a solution.

As a business owner, you definitely have a range of critical tasks. Coming up with a killer digital marketing proposal to guide your digital marketing campaign might be too much work and too challenging, given that most business owners don’t have years of experience or training in digital marketing.

Here’s where Get The Clicks comes in. Call us today so we can help you work out a robust digital marketing plan and help you achieve your business goals.

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