Helios CRM

A Free CRM for Our Clients

Do you need a CRM?

Have one but don’t like it?

Through our partnership with Ecodelogic, we are going to be providing a complimentary CRM to all of our clients starting January 2021. This new system accomplishes all of the fundamental tasks a CRM should offer and will be offered FREE!

Contact us for further details.

Stop wasting money on a CRM that is over complex and forces you to pay per user.
Instead, put your money towards your Digital Marketing efforts to get more leads.

Join Get The Clicks Today

and enjoy a FREE CRM that makes your life easy as pie.

Standard CRM Features:
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Task management and assignment to members of your team. Includes ability to create recurring tasks.
  • Leads management with leads directly being placed into the CRM
  • Keep notes, reports, files etc
  • Create staff announcements
  • Time and Expense Tracking linked to billable hours per client
  • User calendar for tasks, contract expirations, reminders, and much more
  • Simple reporting functions for revenue and expense tracking as well as lead conversions.
  • Company Newsfeed to make announcements to staff.
  • Personal To-Do lists to increase productivity (per user).
  • Department Creation so staff can be assigned to departments for specific tasks.
  • Limit user roles and permissions based on desired access levels.
  • Track user activity (adding items, editing, deleting)
  • Backups are configured based on your wishes (daily, weekly, etc)

The CRM is branded with your own logo and runs on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.

Custom CRM Features:

If you are looking for a customized system to meet your specific needs, we are virtually able to create anything for you. Simply let us know what you’d like done and we’ll provide you a quote.

Examples of custom features include:

  • Support ticket system to manage your client communication.
  • Ability to send Estimates
  • Ability to Invoice and bill
  • Paypal and Stripe payment integration for invoice payments
  • Build knowledge base articles and showcase them on your website.
  • Client portal so your customers can track their activity with your company.
  • Customer e-signature integration for contracts, proposals, agreements, etc
  • Zoom meeting manager
  • ACH payment module through Stripe.
  • Omni Channel Sales Integration
  • Integrated call log feature for call tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • SMS and email client notifications.
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