You may be considering some digital marketing packages for your business and wondering if they’ll be effective in attracting new customers.

Besides just paying attention to your budget for Digital Marketing Pricing Packages, it’s vital to know the pitfalls to look out for so you can get the most out of your investment.

3 Digital Marketing Package Pitfalls to Look Out For

While there are more than just three digital marketing package pitfalls, we’ll focus heavily on the top three first before looking at some of the other common pitfalls.

1. Setting Unrealistic Goals For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Setting goals is a significant part of your digital marketing campaign. Without them, you wouldn’t know how to measure the success of your campaign. However, if you set unrealistic goals, you’ll soon have several problems on your hands.

Setting high goals for yourself is a great way to get motivated and encourage change in almost every other situation. When it comes to digital marketing, though, setting high goals can result in problems.

A digital marketing strategy needs to include realistic goals. As mentioned, the whole idea of setting goals is to know how successful your campaign is so if you have unrealistic goals, you can’t accurately measure the success of your campaign. You’ll also start to see your campaign fail in different areas.

Digital marketing goals need to challenge and motivate, while still being achievable. For example, if you typically see 100 conversions a week, don’t make 1,000 weekly conversions your goal. It’s simply unrealistic. Even if it’s your first time running a digital marketing campaign and setting goals, you should still have a decent idea of what is realistic.

Many digital marketing packages might not have realistic goals, and some agencies are simply trying to get you to sign the contract. So think twice before you get taken in by overly promising but unrealistic promises.

2. Focusing on Too Many People at Once

When you focus on too many new customers at once, your quality of service goes down. This can result in fewer customer conversions.

When you run a digital marketing campaign, it is essential to focus on reaching new people. However, it’s impossible to run a successful digital marketing campaign when your target audience is everyone.

If your target audience is too broad, your marketing campaign will not be targeted. It’s not feasible to create a campaign that appeals to everyone. This is why choosing your target audience and sticking to it is crucial.

As you begin planning your digital marketing campaign, it’s important that you decide on your audience. If you have multiple audiences, don’t be tempted to use the same campaign for all of them. You’ll see much better results by focusing on a small group of people at multiple different times.

3. Not Setting a Budget

Not having a set budget for your campaign makes it more likely that you’ll end up overspending. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy problem to avoid and can be done by agreeing to a budget for your digital marketing package before creating your campaign.

Even once you have a set budget, sometimes, you may be tempted to go over it.

It’s important that you don’t find yourself dragged into a package that costs you way more than you can afford. To avoid this, ensure that any package deal includes all fees. If you pay a low price to start with but end up paying so much additional and hidden costs, you could end up way over budget in a short amount of time.

Pitfalls To Avoid To Achieve Digital Marketing Success

1. Targeting the Wrong Audience

While it’s important to set a target audience, it’s also vital to ensure it’s the right target audience. For example, if your business sells women’s sporting wear, you won’t want to make your target audience children or men who like video games. Neither of those audiences would be interested in women’s sporting wear.

To avoid targeting the wrong audience, do plenty of research ahead of time. You can even test your campaign before you fully launch it to be certain.

2. Having Ineffective Landing Pages

One of the most significant reasons for a low conversion rate is ineffective landing pages. If your landing page isn’t optimized, it can be a big deterrent for those who land on your website.

There are many reasons why your landing page may be ineffective. Some common reasons are that it loads too slowly or your website has a confusing layout.

Many customers won’t stick around very long if your landing page doesn’t load or show them the information they’re looking for. To keep bounce rate low, make sure to run multiple tests to know how fast your landing page loads and the areas where your website visitors click on most.

3. Not Understanding Your Campaign

Digital marketing strategies and campaigns can be daunting. If you’ve never run a digital marketing campaign, take the time to educate and inform yourself. The last thing you want is to make a simple mistake because you didn’t understand enough about digital marketing.

If you’re buying a digital marketing package, don’t just let the company do all the work without understanding what’s going on. Ask questions and make sure you’re well informed at all points of the campaign. If you ever feel like you’re out of the loop or misunderstood something, make a point of getting the information you need.

4. Forgetting About SEO

Your digital marketing efforts can be even better with Search Engine Optimization. SEO is how customers find your page and how Google ranks it. By neglecting SEO, your digital marketing campaign is at risk of being beaten by the competition. To keep your business in the running for a longer period of time, be sure to incorporate different SEO tactics.

5. Not Remarketing

Many digital marketers forget that remarketing is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques out there. Remarketing campaigns are designed to bring old or regular customers back time and time again.

Focusing on new customers is crucial, but you should also pay attention to existing customers. As they’ve already shown an interest in your business, it’s worthwhile to encourage them to come back again. Remarketing campaigns can do just that.

6. Ignoring Customer Needs

Your customers are becoming more tech-savvy than ever, so it can be difficult to stay one step ahead of them. One of the simplest ways to do this is by ensuring that both your marketing campaign and your website meet their basic needs.

The customer should be at the forefront of a business’s mind, but this isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, some businesses get too caught up in designing their website and digital marketing campaign that they forget to make it about the customer.

Having a great website and campaign is essential, but it doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t meet your customers’ needs. Whether you’re planning your marketing campaign or designing your next website update, good digital marketers focus on revolving it all around your customers.


Digital marketing campaigns are the best way to reach new customers and connect with previous customers. To ensure your business gets the most out of it, though, you’ll have to be careful and watch out for the common pitfalls listed above.

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