A few weeks ago at Get The Clicks we were at one of our Orlando SEO production meetings and we got into a great discussion about companies/ brands and how memorable they are to their clients and regular consumers.

With so much competition going on online, how can you make your business stand out in such a technology driven world? Believe it or not, going back to basics can be a powerful force! Snail mail, packages, and genuine face to face conversations, are a great way to take your marketing further if you are already nailing it online in search results.

Grass Roots marketing offers an opportunity to truly stand apart from your competitors by reaching out to people in ways that will evoke emotion. Say for example you are a roofer, rainy season is coming and by fall it will be hurricane season.

If your online presence is truly doing well, then take the time now to start thinking up creative ideas to entice and intrigue potential and existing clients. Instead of simply offering a couple via mail, what is you sent them a raincoat with your company logo printed on?

Imagine the reaction when someone opens up a box with a brightly colored rain coat complete with your logo and funny statement enticing them to stay on top of their roofing needs.

What if instead or an informational flyer, pop-ups or fliers with fun and hilarious messages were sent out? It has been found over and over in studies that people are much more likely to remember a message when an emotional response is provoked through the message or visual stimuli.

If you watch television on a weekly basis, notice how some of our most loved brands here in America have hilarious if not visually enthralling tactics. A classic example of this is Doritos. Through hilarious commercial campaigns, they have been able to lead the pack in their industry. So why can’t your company? Be a marketing genius and be creative.

Think of ways to be out of box and make your company recognizable and memorable to all who live around you. Make this year extraordinary and boost your brand. We here at Get The Clicks LOVE all the feedback you have been giving us on our “different” Orlando SEO company fliers, now it is your turn to be extraordinary with your marketing.

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