“Do You Know Where NORTH Is?”

Today, I want to explain the meaning of a phrase I first heard in 1970… “If you don’t know where North is, you can’t be positive whether it’s a Sunrise or a Sunset.” I’ve pondering this simple phrase for several decades and have arrived at several different meanings at different times in my life and business career. However, the core meaning for me has always been essentially the same.

In the early 1960’s, a new concept of business management (called Marketing) developed. The key concept was to integrate various business components into a central hub. The new “Marketing Department” combined the activities of advertising, public relations, sales, sales forecasting, product pricing, logistics, new product development, and inter-company communications into a common business center. This department, headed by a VP of Marketing or a Marketing Manager, was commissioned to the task of becoming the company’s business “Compass”.

The Department would work closely with the manufacturing and product development departments to better understand the capabilities of the company to efficiently produce a given product or service at capacity. Then, working with the sales staff, the department would best decide the various sales tools to be used in marketing the product or service. The mix would certainly include the production of sales literature, advertising campaigns, and decisions of how best to reach the targeted market segments. Then, as the sales of the products or services developed, close attention was given to monitoring the profitability to the company for providing the individual products and services and the suitability of your products and services to your customer’s needs. Continual review of your sales will produce the correct balance of the products and services you can afford to provide. If a product or service is not providing a satisfactory level of return it’s time to readjust your production mix toward the more profitable ones.

So, you may ask, how does all this text above apply to your company? Many companies cannot afford, or desire, a fully staffed Marketing Department. If you can, consider the value of investing in one. If you can’t, surround yourself with suppliers who are willing to use their expertise to handle some of the marketing functions for you. But beware! It essential that your supplier understands your company’s products and your specific needs. It is also essential that this supplier is trustworthy, has a proven track record and is entirely capable of fulfilling its promises to you.

That’s where our company, Get the Clicks, comes in! We meet all of your requirements for a “marketing partner”. We believe that your website and web presence is only a sales tool, not a marketing tool. Your website is nothing more than a large, interactive business card with the sole function to inform the viewer of your company’s existence, products and services overview, and the ease of contacting you for more specific information. Using our highly knowledgeable and professional staff, we know how to help you do this to a high level of effectiveness while operating inside of your budgetary boundaries.

We are a web marketing company and we actually know where North is and would like to show you where it is. Make us your company’s “Compass”.

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