A successful development project begins with selecting a qualified and fitting digital marketing agency. A website redesign is a significant task for any company, and you need an Orlando digital marketing agency that can enhance the value. Get The Clicks is here to provide you with five tips to guide you when choosing the right web development partner for your website.

How Well Do They Understand Your Business?

An agency with proven experience with other clients in your industry is essential. To provide you with a great website, they need to understand industry-specific trends, challenges, customers, and competitors. They also need to know innovative ways to keep your site competitive. For instance, strategies for a retail chain will be far different than those implemented for a hospital. Therefore, your Orlando web design agency must be not only familiar but knowledgeable about your industry and willing to learn the nuances of your business.

At that point, when examining a digital marketing agency, consider how they approach client work. Each client is unique, and each solution should be customized accordingly. Do their client websites all look the same? Do they consider a client’s audience and online behaviors, or build websites just for show? Do they include graphic design trends just because it’s trendy? An experienced Orlando web design agency should meet you on your level. They should also provide design and development solutions that specifically cater to your brand, needs, audience, and goals.

Evaluate Their Services

If you need more than a website, finding the right agency that offers a full range of services including design, should be at the top of your list. Look for an agency who has the experience in other departments such as SEO, development strategy, and other digital marketing services. An experienced agency who does more than just web design will be more convenient to bundle all of your work under one roof. Your agency will also be able to execute better and augment your online strategy and digital presence throughout the entire project.

Go Beyond the Front-End Design

While a website should reflect your brand and engage your audience, it should be more than a beautiful site. A lot of agencies build sleek websites, but do they help clients reach their SEO goals? Do they follow best practices for the user experience? Are they utilizing the proper web technology to optimize your site and help you increase conversions? Website design, coding, content, and structure should all be developed with the user in mind.

Does the Agency Develop Responsive Designs?

The agency you select should have demonstrated experience in designing and developing responsive websites. If the page elements aren’t resizing for your various screen sizes or optimized for use across various device interfaces, you may want to change course.

Evaluate Their Impact

An agency’s portfolio of previous web work should give you a clear picture of development capabilities, focus, and client outcomes. As a client, you want to see relevant design samples, and more importantly, the tangible results of an investment. Can the firm provide case studies or data to verify progress?

Know Your Agency’s Bench

A development agency is only as good as its bench. A good agency bench should be diverse and qualified in a variety of disciplines. Our Orlando Web Design team is certainly one of those. When evaluating developers, think about experience and aptitude of specific skill sets. Developers should ideally be well versed in web best practices, front-end, back-end, data structure, and algorithms. A good development agency will have a broad base of knowledge in the field, along with a few specialized skills sets.

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