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Website Maintenance Services

Website Need an Oil Change?

Let our elite Website Management Services handle it.

Did you know if your website is hacked, it will affect your rankings on Google? Did you know that surveys have shown if a website is hacked customers are 87% less likely to contact you? Avoid costly repairs to your website and provide a quality visitor experience.

Why Choose Us:
Your business needs to run on all 8 cylinders. Your website is no exception. As you grow, you realize that every website visitor counts, because every visitor can be a potential sale. We understand this too. This is why we offer exclusive website maintenance services. Get The Clicks has developed over 1100 websites in the last 15 years. Our development teams are highly trained professionals using the latest in maintenance technology.

Our maintenance suite of solutions includes:
• Website up-time monitoring
• Website hack monitoring & security patches (code injection monitoring)
• User interaction monitoring (UX)
• Content and image updates
• Page additions
• WordPress, Joomla & Drupal updates to minimize hacker entry-points
• Plug-in & component updates
• Website migrations
• Traffic tracking
• PHP programming updates
• Custom programming services
• Mobile version updates
• Website speed improvement updates
• Google webmaster tools updates and monitoring

All maintenance is billed in 15 minute increments. You have complete flexibility to do as much or as little as you’d like. If you are anticipating a good amount of updates, talk to us about our custom retainer programs to reduce your hourly costs.

Who Is This Best Suited For:
Really, any website should undergo maintenance on a regular basis. Unfortunately this is often forgotten because we have businesses to run. Next thing you know the site hasn’t been touched in a year, images are out-dated and content is no longer representative of your current services. If you are actively seeking a quality presence online, you need to have a system in place that maintains your website at the speed of your business. For start-ups, we recommend an hour per month. For stage-2 businesses we recommend a minimum of 3-5 hours per month. Businesses in advanced growth-mode need to make updates to their website several times per week.

What Can You Expect:
Your will have a dedicated Account Strategist who will assure all of your work is accomplished correctly and completed on time. Depending on your web strategy, we may also recommend making specific changes to enhance your overall website presence. Speak to us today about your specific needs.

What We Will Do For You:
1. We will develop a maintenance calendar, letting you know what should be updated on your website monthly.
2. We will communicate with you regarding completed updates, ideas and items we may still require from you.
3. We will review your website traffic and make recommendations of how you can improve your website to get more out of the traffic you already capture.
4. We will keep you up to date with any maintenance issues your website platform may require.
5. We will keep you up to date with any issues Google may be experiencing with your website.
6. Finally, we will assure any “common sense” items are addressed to assure the website is in Tip Top Shape.

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