Web Design For Restoration Companies

Web Design For Restoration Companies


The way you design your website needs to be captivating. Your website is usually the first thing people will encounter, and their first impression of your website is trivial to gaining their business. If you have a poor design, you can easily be overlooked by someone who wants an immediate connection with a company.

Here are some things to consider: Restoration_Web_Design_pg._pic

Point of Difference: Find out what your website can have that can beat your competitors. There needs to be something that your website has that grabs the attention of the shopper, and keeps them there instead of traveling to other sites. Don’t be afraid of being different. It’s hard sometimes to differentiate yourself when you are afraid that you may come across inappropriate. I promise you, being friendly, compassionate, exciting, engaging, and funny is not going to land you in a lawsuit. People looking for a service are looking for something that they can connect with. Figure out what you can do to captivate your shoppers even if that means floating outside the comfort zones, or as we do, float outside the “appropriate” box.

CTA: CTA stands for “Call to Action”. This is a very important asset for your website, display ads, reviews ads, etc. because it will drive leads into your office. A CTA is anywhere a customer can click to be directly in contact with your business. “Click here to Contact!” and “Call Now!” are both examples of CTA buttons.

Mobile Resize: With today’s booming cell phone era, it’s important to have a website that’s mobile friendly. With how many people have their cell phones constantly in hand, there’s probably about the same, if not more shoppers who will be looking you up on their mobile device. If you have a non-mobile friendly website, customers will hit the back button quicker than they blink, and a quick bounce rate will lower your rank.

Click to Call: Having a click to call button featured on both the desktop and mobile version is extremely important to have. In restoration situations, they tend to be emergency based. People want help and they want it now. They are already frustrated their house is damaged and they don’t want the frustration of having to look for contact information too. Having that click to call button is instant business for you; without it could cost you the customer.

Keep It Simple: When we talked about the Point of Difference, we didn’t mean throw a million things at the shopper to get their attention. Make sure your website is comfortable and easy to understand. Don’t try to impress the shopper with big words no one has heard. Don’t use flashing, headache inducing, loud images that turn the customer off immediately. Don’t hide your links, tabs, pages etc. so they can’t find anything. Make sure the shopper can navigate the page as easy as a kid in middle school. The people contacting you aren’t concerned with your high vocabulary or master web techniques; their house is damaged and they want an instant response to their troubles.

Drive Quality: The shopper wants fast, great quality service. Make sure your website insures the shopper they are contacting a company with high standards and incomparable organization. Let them in on information about your products, tools, machinery, anything that shows outstanding quality in what they are investing in. They want a fast response, but when it comes to their house, they also want great quality. Have Testimonials on service and quality, listed as a part of your web page. Having testimonials reassures the shopper that you are all about taking care of business.

Drive Immediate Response: Your website should have areas of teaching tools. Have a frequently asked questions page and/or a glossary of restoration terms. Using videos to show demonstrations, participation at events, welcoming customers, etc. is a great way to get your message across; sometimes people don’t have time to read through your entire website.

Thinking of building a website yourself? Check out our web design checklist!

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