Vision Statement

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In order to be great at what we do, we need a clear vision of why we exist.  Everything we do has to tie back to our mission.  We intend to determine this through our brand identity development, giving us a clear picture of who we are, why we exist, what we need to do & how we do it.

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We strive to always be:




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We are a resource.  Not just a resource for how to be successful on the web, but a resource to build businesses.  Due to the vast array of businesses we have worked with in the past, we have a clear advantage over many other agencies because we can isolate common denominators for making companies successful. We are passionate about our clients’ success.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible.  Being transparent builds trust, which is a core component to the relationships we want to build with our customers.  We need to explain to our clients why we do certain things and how it impacts them as a business in the future.  This does not mean we give away our trade secrets that give us a competitive edge.  It simply means that we communicate with our clients openly about why we do things.

We make it a point to stay in front of our clients and our target audience, showing them that we are approachable and relatable.

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We exist to help clients achieve goals. The problem is that many clients don’t have any reasonable goals to begin with.  Thus a core component of our services needs to include setting reasonable goals with our clients and then helping them achieve them.  Setting reasonable goals will provide a common frame of reference, which in turn sets expectations and reduces stress.

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We need to remember our core values with every decision and every move we make. Everything that we do needs to support us being trustworthy, passionate or relatable.

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We need to provide more than just courteous service.  We need to be “plugged-in”.  We need to be engaged with our clients.  Our clients need to understand we are an extension of their business.  We are part of their company.

The development of a client battle plan is an instrumental component to our process.  Without it, we can’t develop a system that allows us to scale our own organization, because the battle plan creates an outline of what we will do for what we are being paid.

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