SEO Rank Guarantee

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  1. Why offer a rank guarantee?
    People say you can’t guarantee rankings. This is true. You can’t guarantee a specific rank, but any good SEO company should be able to guarantee a first page ranking. Why else would you hire one? We are so certain we will achieve this, we will back it up with a guarantee.
  2. What if we can’t deliver the rank promised within the specified time frame?
    We will work for free.
  3. When does the clock start ticking?
    The clock starts ticking on the day indicated as the “Start Date”.
  4. Is this a scam? What’s the catch?
    This is not a scam. There is no catch. We have been in business for 13 years  with an A+ rating. Please take a look at our Google and Yelp reviews. They speak for themselves.
  5. Why take the risk of providing the guarantee?
    If we don’t take the risk, you would. Wouldn’t you rather we take it? The guarantee helps our business & we know what we are capable of.
  6. Do you specify attaining this rank in a certain time frame?
    How is the time period calculated? Every keyword has a time frame associated with it. Clicks, our SEO Calculation System, determines the time frame.
  7. Are the keywords chosen by Get The Clicks or the client?
    The keywords are selected by Get The Clicks AND the client. Everyone agrees on the search terms before we begin work.
  8. What if the search engines have a rank update?
    Search engines update their algorithms all the time, sometimes even daily. Our SEO work is built on solid SEO principles that stand the test of time. We base all algorithm updates on the MozCast daily update. The only time our Guarantee resets itself is if the seo rank weather report spikes above 90 degrees, indicating a massive shift in search engine ranking. The MozCast weather report is displayed on our website.
  9. Making guarantees of something you can’t control is dangerous. Why do it?
    It is a calculated risk. We have been in business long enough to know that we are right nine times out of ten. If you happen to be the exception, you deserve our full attention.
  10. Other SEO Companies have told us it’s impossible to promise a rank. How come you can offer it?
    It’s probably the same SEO company we currently out-rank. Why not hire a company that puts their money where their mouth is. What do you have to lose?
  11. Do you guarantee a specific rank?
    No. There can be too many fluctuations, but we do guarantee page 1, and will gladly provide plenty of references to prove it.
  12. Do we have a special relationship with Google or do we have friends at Google?
    We know folks at Google, but they would never give us insider information. All of our results are based on our expertise.
  13. What about rank fluctuations?
    Rank fluctuations happen. A keyword may bounce off the first page and then bounce back. This is part of the “Google Dance”, the “Bing Dance”, etc. A keyword rank is considered to be achieved if it shows up on the first page of ANY search engine, even if it temporarily bounces off the first page again.
  14. How do you provide proof that a key word is on the first page?
    You can check it yourself. We may also send you a screenshot of the search result.
  15. Don’t we all get unique search results?
    Yes, to a certain extend you do, but quality website rankings are quite uniform. We base our ranking success on cached search results. For local searches we base the results on rankings within the city of search.
  16. Does this guarantee use PPC?
    No, our guarantee is strictly for organic SEO. We do not use PPC to claim a page one rank.
  17. Are we desperate?
    Hardly. Chances are we are one of the most established SEO agencies you are considering.
  18. Can you guarantee page 1 for all three search engines simultaneously?
    No. We strive for Google, but often Bing will beat Google to the punch. Once a keyword is on the first page of any of the search engines, the guarantee is fulfilled. If Google is not the search engine with the page 1 rank, we will continue to push until it is.
  19. If I cancel my SEO service during the Money-back Guarantee period, do I get my money back?
    No. If you decide to cancel your SEO during the money back time period, you will not receive a refund.
  20. How many keywords do you optimize at a time?
    Three keywords is the norm. Optimizing for too many keywords at once is a beginner mistake. Too many keywords dilute SEO efforts and slows down rank results. A good ranking for three quality keywords will do wonders for a business’s growth. We recommend having three highly ranked quality keywords, than 20 keywords bouncing around page two or three?
  21. What if I want to add more keywords to my list?
    You can add more keywords to your list, once your initial list of keywords ranks well. Understand, it takes quite a bit of effort to maintain rankings. Additional fees will be charged for ranking additional keywords.
  22. Can I change my custom Helios SEO plan at any time?
    Yes, but if you are within your money-back guarantee period, it will reset the clock as our approach changes with every plan change.
  23. How quickly do I need to provide materials for my website to assure the guarantee stays in place?
    This is very important. If we request something to be done to your website (ie. Content written, page coding update, etc), it needs to be completed within one week of us making the request. Time is money, especially when we are making a guarantee based on time frame. If any requests take longer than one week, the guarantee time is automatically extended by the amount of time delayed. Website updates requested to be completed by Get The Clicks outside of the scope of monthly work will be billed at our agency rate of $135/hour.
  24. Does the money-back guarantee include website development costs?
    No. We do not reimburse for website development work.
  25. Does the money-back guarantee include any Third Party costs?
    No. We do not reimburse for third party costs. Those are paid to third parties anyway. Third party costs are costs associated with your online presence. Examples of this would be paying for an enhanced Yelp listing.
  26. Do I need to continue my SEO for the keywords that are on the first page?
    Yes. It gets very competitive on the first page and often we have more work to do to maintain a rank on page one, than to climb in rank on page two.

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