Restoration Marketing FAQ

Restoration Marketing FAQ


1. Where do I start? Set reasonable expectations. What do you want to get out of your marketing campaign? Be specific! If you want to get 10 more restoration leads a week, then put that goal on paper. From there you can talk with your marketing company about specific tactics that will be implemented to achieve that goal.

2. What response rate should I expect? This all depends on your market, what services you are trying to push, and how you are trying to push it. You will get higher response rates if you target specific campaigns to a specific audience. You want to be exactly who they are looking for.

3. What should my initial budget be for marketing? Budgets, just like response times will vary. If you are just starting off and are on a tighter budget, it makes sense to position yourself in a more niche market, where competition is lower. Talking about SEO, it is a lot easier to rank for keywords like “Water damage restoration companies for small apartments” than for “water damage companies”. If there is less competition, you can expect there to be a smaller price tag.

4. How important is social media? Social media can be pretty important, but try to first pick the social media sites that your target market will be on the most. As far as age groups, Instagram has the youngest audience, then twitter, then Facebook. Make sure you’re posting things relevant to your industry as a way to show people what you are capable of. Posting before and after pictures is an awesome way to show people how great you are.

5. Why can’t I just do direct marketing? Direct marketing seems like the most effective way to get someone’s attention, but sometimes it can drive your customers away. There will be people who find direct emails, cold calls, and fliers to be super annoying. Not to say it won’t work for some, I just wouldn’t put all your efforts into direct marketing.

6. What the most efficient way to get responses? The most efficient way to get a response from people will be a call to action button. Having that instant connection will drive people to talk to you, which lead to more potential customers than them going and searching for information themselves. When they are directed to call you or email you, this is a chance to win them over.

7. What if I only have emergency based services? If you only have emergency based services, stay away from display ads. People will be looking for that call to action button when they have an emergency.

8. What does reviews have to do with marketing? This is like asking what customers have to do with business. Reviews are not only going to make you more reputable, but it will ensure credibility! Oh and Google picks up on your reviews which will help you rank higher.

9. How can I have my company come across genuine? Showing customers you have a genuine heart with your business is what will keep them for life. For this industry, showing empathy for the customer is a great way to show you’re genuine. Also, have the person that did the restoration personally call the customer and ask how the fix is doing. Try to think of ways to really wow them.

10. What shouldn’t I do when marketing? Assume things are working, or assume they aren’t. The biggest mistake business make when starting to market themselves is not having tracking in place to help them determine what is effective. A simple tracking number that is attached to your marketing campaign can do wonders in helping you determine where your marketing dollars are best spent.

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