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Why your friend, cousin, or some cheap SEO company can’t get the results we can:

  • They don’t have the man-power to build links the correct way
  • Link building costs money. If you’re getting SEO for free or for little money, you’re not getting any links built to your site
  • Without building links, you’re only getting a portion of the SEO work that you need to be successful
  • On-Page optimization and content alone will not work
  • They don’t have the experience that our team of experts has

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Drake Pest started with us in Jan 2019 with an avg of 39 leads/month. As of May 2021, we improved their lead count to an avg of 271 /month. That’s an increase in leads of 550+%.
Paisley Painting joined us in Oct 2017. His goal was to get as many leads as he could, while keeping the cost per lead the same. We increased his leads from an avg of 14/month to an avg of 177/month.
Solar Energy Systems joined us in Jan 2021 averaging 34 leads / month. As of May 2021, we increased their leads to an avg of 144/month.

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Best SEO Companies


We were named one of the Top SEO Agencies in Florida for 2022 by SEO Blog.

Top Web Design Company

We were voted one of the top Web Design agencies in the country in 2022 by Designrush, a national agency evaluation service.


We were also voted one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in the country in 2020 by Designrush


We were named one of the best SEO experts in Orlando for 2020..


We don’t just slap Google’s logo on our site and claim to be a Google partner. We have actually obtained the necessary certifications to qualify.

In The News

You may have seen us on the news. We are contributing members to many local news stations seeking expert opinions on digital marketing. This includes WESH, WFTV, and Fox News Orlando.

On The Radio

You may have heard us on the radio. Over the last few years we have been on numerous radio shows helping entrepreneurs become successful online.


Over the last few years, we have been published in Entrepreneur Magazine (2015) & USA Today (2016). We have also been featured in numerous trade publications including the Florida Roofing Magazine and various local news publications.

Still Not Sure if we are the Best?

We Train and Publish as well!

Our Book

Our book “Web Marketing Made Simple” has been published on Amazon for multiple years and is currently in its 3rd edition.

Seminars / CE Workshops

Our agency has taught countless seminars since 2011. We are the only agency in the State of Florida that has its digital marketing courses certified by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) for continuing education (CE) credits. These courses are industry specific.

Wells Fargo Works project

Additionally, our agency has been involved with the Wells Fargo Works project. This is a long-term, hands-on business development program in which small business owners are selected by Wells Fargo to be mentored by industry experts to help them grow their business. Get The Clicks is one such mentor for digital marketing.

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