Yes, We Play FavoritesWe’re not afraid to say that we have a type when it comes to ideal clients. That’s because we know our services provide the best ROI for companies that fit into these industries.Searching for: 

Service-based businesses that serve a local market. If your interests include the following, we’re looking for you!

Our Turn-offs:

There are also industries and conditions we do not actively seek to work with with because we don’t feel like we would be the best company for the job. We’ve been around the block enough times to know where our weaknesses are.Sorry, but we are not looking for customers with these traits:

  • Start-ups without proper funding
  • Website-builder sites (applies to SEO only)
  • Industries known for spam (payday loans, adult content)
  • A concept or idea with an education play (a new secret handshake you want to catch on)
  • Anything people are not aware already exists. We can’t generate search volume out of thin air.
  • Affiliate marketing sites

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