July 25th 2013:- GetTheClicks has the pleasure to announce to the media and the public that it has completed the development of a website for a gold and jewelry buyer, http://www.orlandojewelrybuyers.com/. National Jewelry Buyers has three Orlando locations and it is offering great deals to people who want to sell their pieces of jewelry.

The company has a team of experienced jewelry analysts who are committed to offering clients accurate and honest details about their jewelry. The experts help the customers to know the precise value of their valuables. It is a team that one can trust.

National Jewelry Buyers has a strong passion for precious metals, especially gold and silver. It strives to satisfy all its esteemed clients, to ensure that they are happy with its unrivalled services. Compared to other jewelry buyers, National Jewelry Buyers has the best deals and buys the precious metals at the highest prices. The company provides an ideal place for customers who want to turn their trash into cash.

The company uses certified commercial scale to ensure that customers get the correct and accurate value of their valuables. The professionals are committed to giving accurate appraisals. These analysts evaluate gold, silver, and platinum right before the eyes of the seller. They strive to ensure that the client understands what is happening, and what is used to determine the value of each piece of jewelry.

The company is committed to ensuring that its clients get the best price for their jewelry. By using its licensed precious metal appraisers, clients are given a chance to know the exact value of their gold, silver, platinum, and other collectables. The whole transaction is conducted in a transparent way to ensure that clients understand every step.

Satisfying customers is the company’s number one priority. The National Jewelry Buyers buys gold, silver, platinum, gold coins, silver coins, diamonds, and even broken jewelry such as chains, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.The company pays cash on the spot.

At National Jewelry Buyers, clients are treated with respect, privacy, and understanding. Offering fair market prices on any gold or silver piece is the company’s top priority. After evaluating the value of a piece, a client is given a chance to make a decision without any pressure.

The gold and silver market is promising, and it is not subject to inflation or depression. The market is not unstable like the US dollar or any other floated fiscal currency. It is never susceptible to inflationary monetary cycles.

National Jewelry Buyers is open on every Sunday for the convenience of its customers. It has 24/7 call support for its clients. For appointments, the company offers private in-home and office appointments in a professional office setting. National Jewelry Buyers is also committed to supporting local charities and community events.

“Do you have broken jewelry, old jewelry, mismatched jewelry, just plain ugly jewelry? As long as it’s made of a precious metal we will take it! We take gold, silver, platinum, gold coins, silver coins, diamonds and more. Our experts will be able to give you a quote on your jewelry without pressuring you to sell. If you do decide to sell to us though, we promise to give you a fair price, unlike those other guys.”

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