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Bing Paid Search & Ads Management

Google PPC Milking You Dry?

Bing Ads instead

Think that no one is on Bing? Think again! In 2016 Bing Ads usage grew 19%.

Why Choose Us:

Our team understands PPC management. We know the power Bing can have on a national basis because we have a keen understanding of the relationship Bing has with Yelp, and how you can leverage this relationship to your advantage.

Who Is This Best Suited For:

For most small to medium-sized businesses Bing Ads are an afterthought, but you should really reconsider. Bing Ads use a similar auction dynamic as Google AdWords, thus the advertisers on Bing have numerous benefits from a lack of competition. These benefits include better ad positions and cheaper costs per click. Of the clients who were advertising on both Google and Bing, we saw that nearly all had lower Cost per Click on Bing, averaging 33.5% cheaper CPC on Bing. Not only were these clicks cheaper on Bing, but their ads often were in better positions than their Google counterparts and had higher Click Rates.

Bing Budget $1500
Average Click Cost $15
Total Visitors: 100
Website Conversion 7%
New Leads 7
Average Customer Lifecycle 6 Purchases
Average Ticket $150 ea

Total Revenue Generated $6300

If you are looking to target specific devices, you may want to select Bing ads over Google Adwords. Device targeting thus far is considerably better with Bing than it is with Adwords. Even though AdWords gives us the power to regularly view and control our demographic targeting on the Google Display Network, Google leaves us in the dark when it comes to search. Probably the most innovative and underused offering from Bing Ads is the ability to control which gender and age demographics see your search ads. Demographic targeting can be controlled at either the campaign or ad group level within Bing Ads. While we believe Adwords will catch up to Bing with these feature sets, today Bing is the clear leader.

What Can You Expect:

Results vary widely based on service industry, budget and website conversion. Having said that, the average Bing Ads campaign drives a traffic conversion rate of 7% and a lead conversion rate of 8.6%. This assumes that your website is designed to gather leads, not just provide information.

What We Will Do For You:

1. We will develop a new quality campaign based on our reverse-engineering process of your competitor campaigns.
2. We will setup, up to three Bing Ad Groups.
3. We will setup tracking forms and tracking phone numbers. If necessary, for each campaign. (Tracking numbers paid separately).
4. We will create custom ads (and get them approved with Bing) designed to sell your service.
5. We will manage your budget, to have the most money available during the days that drive most leads.
6. We will manage your budget to have the most money available during time of day that drives most leads.
7. We will target market your business to a specific geographic market. We can do this by radius or zip code.
8. We will manage your keywords, assuring the correct words are setup for Exact Matches, Phrased Matches, Broad Matches and Negative Matches.
9. We will monitor your campaign on a continued basis and constantly tweak it to make it smarter.
10. We will tweak your website for up to two hours per month to fine-tune visitor engagement. This includes setting up conversion funnels for better lead acquisition.
11. We will report back to you on:
– Overall Traffic
– Traffic Conversions
– Website Conversions
– Estimated Revenue Generated*
*Assuming client has provided necessary information
Please note: We do not take over existing Bing campaigns.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

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